Business Reporter: Obsolescence Management-as-a-Service

How manufacturers can ensure the continuity of their production

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 17, 2023/ — In a video published on Business Reporter, Neil Ballinger, Head of Global Operations at EU Automation explains how expert partners in obsolescence management can help manufacturers reduce downtime and the resulting attrition of customers. As supply chains are recovering from previous disruptions, manufacturers are reverting to just-in-time methods for general spare parts, while, to be on the safe side, they tend to hold a stock of their critical components. However, keeping track of the lifecycle of their equipment by themselves can prove rather challenging and distract their focus from core activities. Therefore, a specialist with an expansive inventory of industrial automation equipment from a wide circle of trusted, verified suppliers and partners can be of immense help for them. In addition, component suppliers can assist their clients with preventive maintenance capabilities as well.

EU Automation, a specialist in obsolete automation, stock holding and critical component parts, can replace broken critical automation components promptly with either new, refurbished or obsolete parts. The company leverages a global network of suppliers and agents with the knowledge of local languages who can deliver the missing parts, so production stays uninterrupted or can resume as soon as possible. EU Automation offers its clients a service exchange too, where they can dispose of their old unit and exchange it for a working part, as well as a comprehensive repair service for faulty equipment.

To learn more about how obsolescence management can cut downtime, watch the video.

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About EU Automation

EU Automation provides manufacturers with access to automation and control components from leading OEMs from a single inventory. If a part is not in stock, EU Automation’s multilingual team will scour the globe to find the part a client needs at a reasonable price. EU Automation also provides Obsolescence Management-as-a-Service to support its client base in prolonging the active life of their equipment and reducing costs related to the requalification and certification of systems.

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