Edison Aerospace partners with Aveo Engineering for LED lighting

The Advanced Green AgTech Edison Aerospace aircraft is a step closer to take-off with Aveo Engineering LED lighting products.

MIAMI, Florida – Edison Aerospace, the world’s first full-size Agricultural electric aircraft maker, is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Aveo Engineering. Together, they will create the world’s first true full scale Agricultural aviation replacement aircraft that will bring sustainability and renewable energy to a major sector of the US Agricultural industry. This is a major milestone in Agricultural aviation and Aveo Engineering will play a key role with their advanced LED lighting technology.

One of the many installations of Aveo Engineering LED lighting equipment

Edison Aerospace is set to revolutionize the aviation industry with its full-size Ag spray aircraft platform. This amazing electric fixed wing aircraft will offer unprecedented remote control over aerial spraying and is capable of flying at speeds of 90 knots while carrying a payload of up to 1600 pounds (200 US liquid gallons). With a flight time of 1 hour and operated remotely or autonomously with precision and accuracy from take-off to landing, the new aircraft will cut spray operators’ costs by 50%, save the lives of countless aerial application pilots. It’s truly an impressive shift forward for the aerial application industry!

Aveo Engineeering aviation LED lighting product lineup
Aveo Engineeering aviation LED lighting product lineup

To keep its edge on the competition, Edison Aerospace teamed up with Aveo Engineering—a world leader in LED lighting technology for aircraft—to provide the best lighting solutions for its new aircraft. Thanks to this partnership, Edison Aerospace’s aircraft will be equipped with state-of-the-art LED marker and landing lights that offer improved visibility during day and night flights as well as enhanced safety features for pilots and crew members alike.

Aveo Engineeering aviation LED lighting product lineup
Aveo Engineeering aviation LED lighting product lineup

Aveo Engineering is an unmatched manufacturer of LED lighting for ALL manner of aircraft. From UAVs to cabin class rotorcraft, experimental to commercial, civilian, military, and spacecraft – their proprietary designs have resulted in unequaled lighting products. Manufactured with the highest quality components from U.S. and European suppliers, Aveo provides lighting with features not found anywhere else. Aveo offers zero-drag exterior navigation and strobe lights (visible & NVIS), stunningly bright searchlights, ACL beacons, hoist, hover, landing and taxi lights, and multi-feature interior illumination. At Aveo, “Brilliantly Different” is not just what they build, but who they are.

More details about Aveo Engineering:

Aveo Engineeering
  • AS-9100D Certified, EASA POA & DOA, FAA PMA, TSO
  • Numerous STCs and MODs across various aircraft & helicopters
  • Custom Designs and modifications welcomed
  • Market leader for UAV lighting
  • Over 325,000 square feet of company facilities
  • International Certifications
  • Worldwide Distribution
  • Lighter. Brighter. More efficient.

The combination of Edison Aerospace’s cutting-edge aircraft replacement platform and Aveo Engineering’s unparalleled LED lighting technology gives investors plenty of reasons to get excited about this new venture. Not only does this partnership create an innovative product that will revolutionize the Agricultural aviation industry, but it also provides a unique opportunity that should not be missed out on!

Aveo Engineeering

The partnership between Edison Aerospace and Aveo Engineering marks a major milestone in both practical aerospace engineering and LED lighting technology. Their combined efforts will result in a revolutionary aircraft replacement platform that offers unprecedented control over aerial spraying while providing improved visibility during night flights.

Aveo Engineeering

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