Average Americans Spend Two Years in A Car According to LookupAPlate’s Latest Report

DALLAS, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 25, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — LookupAPlate, a free nationwide license plate lookup service and community platform to report unsafe driving and bad drivers, reports that the average American will spend two years of their lifetime in a car. This study was conducted by analyzing the amount of time Americans drive in their lifetime: from the time they receive their driver’s license to the time they may stop due to age.

The study was conducted to show that the car-centric culture of Americans may be the reason that the United States ranks 53rd for life expectancy, despite being one of the most developed countries. The amount of time spent in a car may be time that is taken away from physical activity, resulting in an unhealthy lifestyle.

LookUpAPlate not only conducts studies surrounding driving culture but the organization is also centered around making driving a safer activity for Americans. They provide a free nationwide license plate lookup service that allows users to provide information regarding unsafe driving which is then attached to the respective license plate. The website was designed to deter unsafe driving practices by calling out the unsafe driver on their platform, publicly.

President, Jason L. Arthur created the platform to encourage Americans to be better drivers. “Ultimately, with this platform, we’re trying to bring some accountability among the offending drivers and, in a small way, contribute to making American roads safer,” says Arthur. He designed LookupAPlate along with his partner Ritesh because he saw the need for a public forum to report unsafe driving.

To learn more about this study, you can visit the official link and visit LookupAPlate’s website at lookupaplate.com. You can also utilize the free license plate search and learn more about safer driving habits in the website’s blog.

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