Grove Capital Finance Introduces Groundbreaking Mortgage Opportunities for Floridians with New Program

CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 14, 2023/ — Grove Capital Finance has announced an unprecedented and competitive mortgage opportunity for Floridians, combining their Hometown Heroes program with $35,000 in down payment assistance from the state of Florida. This new, game-changing mortgage offering empowers many Floridians to purchase a home, despite the current high mortgage rates, with no money out of pocket.

The Hometown Heroes mortgage program provides Floridians with preferential mortgage rate pricing that is significantly lower than current market rates. By combining this program with the generous down payment assistance provided by the state, Grove Capital Finance is making homeownership in Florida more attainable and attractive than ever before.

“Our goal is to make things better, faster, and add more value to our customers and employees,” said George Hassan, the President and Founder of Grove Capital Finance. Hassan has already helped many Floridians buy a home with zero to no-money-down loans and is now using social media to educate and inform consumers on obtaining financing.

The down payment assistance offered by the state of Florida has no payment and is forgiven after 30 years. If the borrower decides to sell the home or refinance out of the original mortgage sooner, the down payment assistance funds must be repaid. Still, this offering makes homeownership a tangible reality for countless individuals and families.

George Hassan currently acts as the South Florida Delegate for the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME), marking its first year with state groups. AIME’s mission is to protect, support, and grow the community of independent mortgage experts through intentional outreach, advocacy, and education.

Floridians interested in learning more about the Hometown Heroes program and the available down payment assistance are encouraged to visit Grove Capital Finance’s website or contact their representatives via social media @flmortgageguru.

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