Original Series Coming to All Sports Television Network

Food & Beverage Roadshow

Network’s First In-House Production A Ground-breaking Endeavor

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA, August 15, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — All Sports Television Network (“ALL SPORTS”) unveils a new type of sports series premiering on broadcast television. The show is unique in two different ways. First, the stars of the series are not runners or jumpers or drivers. Instead, the stars are the food and beverages they consume.

The series, called the Food & Beverage Roadshow (“FBR”), is slated to begin airing in the 4th Quarter 2023. It will feature food and beverage purveyors that are a part of the sports world. FBR will take viewers behind the scenes of sports-related events and provide an insight into the culinary fare available.

The Food & Beverage Roadshow is also unique because the producers will have college students and recent grads play a significant role in the series. Students from educational institutions around the world are currently being recruited as segment producers and on-camera talent for the series.

“Having been involved in teaching for many years, I’m aware that students are often frustrated by the fact that it usually takes many years before getting an opportunity to have something they have produced actually seen by the general public,” stated Roger Neal Smith, President of All Sports Television Network. “We have decided that this series and some of our future projects will serve as a vehicle to jumpstart these talented students’ careers. I have no doubt that they have the skills to produce a world class product.”

The Food & Beverage Roadshow is a 30-minute television series featuring delightful food and beverage discoveries at sports-related events throughout the world. The series will consist of interviews with food and beverage creators who will give viewers an inside look into the culinary artistry they create. The series takes viewers to places they have never been.

In addition to the series being aired on the All Sports Television Network, it will be syndicated throughout the US. It is projected to reach a minimum of 40 million over-the-air television households and will also be available on both Roku and Amazon Fire TV. Additionally, All Sports plans to work with one of its foreign partners to distribute the series throughout the world.

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