Tech Startup Launches Platform to Reimagine Event Engagement

CP Heda

Esstart’s digital tools aim to create more connected, memorable event experiences

DARIEN, CONNECTICUT, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2023/ — Esstart, a new technology company focused on event engagement, announced today the launch of its digital platform designed to make events more interactive, memorable and inclusive. The company also introduced Instant Spotlight, its flagship product that allows real-time photo sharing and gamification at events.

“Events should bring people together, not isolate them. Our platform makes it effortless for hosts to turn their events into active, collective experiences,” said Chetanprakash “CP” Heda, the founder and CEO of Esstart. “We’re thrilled to introduce new technology that fosters togetherness and human connection.”

Esstart offers event organizers an array of digital games, activities and tools to engage all guests simultaneously. Its proprietary software automates engagement and replaces the boredom of stale conferences and parties with shared moments of delight.

The company’s first product, Instant Spotlight, is an interactive photo wall that displays guest-uploaded event photos in real time. The online platform encourages participation through photo contests, leaderboards and social media sharing. Instant Spotlight also allows hosts to print photos onsite as event mementos.

“Instant Spotlight transformed our gala from a formal dinner into an exciting photo-driven event,” said Cece Peabody, executive director of the New Jersey Turfgrass Association.

“Guests loved snapping and sharing pictures, making the evening feel more lively and connected. It was a huge hit,” commented Patty Kane from the YMCA.

Esstart is initially targeting event hosts planning large celebrations of 75+ people, such as weddings, birthdays, reunions and corporate parties. However, the technology can accommodate events of any size and type.

“Fundamentally, humans crave bonded experiences. Esstart sits at the intersection of technology and emotions, providing that sense of togetherness,” Heda added. “We remove the logistical barriers to engagement, so hosts can focus on bringing people together in meaningful ways.”

The idea for Esstart was born when Heda hosted a large gathering of 175 diverse guests. He wanted to avoid cliques and bring people together but struggled to find modern tools to actively engage the entire group simultaneously. With his tech background, Heda built custom games and activities himself. Guests loved them and continued asking to use them for their own events months later.

Heda realized engaging collective experiences was a common challenge faced by hosts and planners. Esstart was founded to provide a robust platform of easy-to-use digital engagement products to help them create memorable events that unite people.

Prior to launching Esstart, Heda led critical technology systems for WWE, managing live events, talent and e-commerce. He was also an events photographer and DJ in his spare time. With over 15 years working in the events industry, founding Esstart was a natural next step.

The company is further supported by Director of Product Rohit Adlakha, who previously worked at the industry leader Gartner, as well as veteran event planners Jane Doyle and Adrinne Johnson as advisors. With decades of combined expertise, the Esstart team aims to shape the future of human connection at gatherings for years to come.

Moving forward, Esstart plans to expand its digital product suite while growing adoption amongst professional planners and end consumers. The company believes engagement is the heart of any successful event. As the “Togetherness Technology Company,” Esstart uses smart design to turn conferences, parties and celebrations into collective experiences. Its products make real-life moments more active, instant and shareable so people walk away feeling more connected.

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