Announcing Exciting Feature Updates to the TitanHQ Security Platform
TitanHQ, the leading SaaS cybersecurity platform vendor, announced several new product innovations to enhance further TitanHQ's leading cybersecurity platform to combat increasingly common threats.

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TitanHQ, the leading SaaS cybersecurity platform vendor.

At TitanHQ, we focus on continually innovating to protect our customers from threats and address new challenges in the digital space. Today, we are excited to announce some important product updates and several much-awaited feature requests.  

Earlier this month, we released Auto Campaigns, a critical new feature in SafeTitan. SafeTitan for MSPs is an enterprise-grade security awareness training and phishing simulation platform for MSPs and their SMB clients. It is purpose-built for MSPs to deliver precisely what clients need to guard against phishing threats. 

The SafeTitan Auto Campaigns automation tool enables MSPs to dramatically improve customer security awareness while reducing the time spent planning and managing cybersecurity initiatives. Auto Campaigns is fully automated and AI-driven. It provides always-on security training to save time and resources. It streamlines the security training process for MSPs to drive operational efficiency.  

WebTitan 5.03 is available  

We are pleased to announce the release of WebTitan 5.03. WebTitan is an award-winning DNS-based web filtering solution used by thousands of SMBs, enterprises, and managed service providers to control the web content users can access via wired and wireless networks and block web-borne cyber threats.  

New features in the latest WebTitan 5.03 include: 

Support for the customization of the Global Default policy on the MSP level, allowing for the application of a custom default policy on the creation of a customer account. 

  • Support for the Customisation of the Default Policy on the Customer level. 
  • The ability to Inherit the Allowed & Blocked Domains from the Customer Default Policy. 
  • Support allowing or blocking a top-level domain (TLD) on a customer policy and global domains. 

WebTitan 5.03 will be gradually rolled out to existing customers. 

This release also includes a new summary report page, an updated layout to the custom block page, and numerous bug fixes. 

SpamTitan 9.01 is coming soon. 

We are equally delighted to announce the imminent arrival of SpamTitan 9.01, which will include lots of advanced MSP features. Some of the new features include: 

  • The availability of history/quarantine for MSPs allows the MSP to act on customer emails at the MSP level.  
  • Pattern Filtering for MSPs - This feature simplifies the administration of SpamTitan and ensures your customers are secured from one place.  
  • Addition of Link Lock Inheritance - With link lock inherited from the MSP level, there is no requirement to drill into individual domains to make changes, saving the MSP time and effort.  
  • Simplified Mail View - This simplified view makes email analysis easier and provides a better user experience.  
  • Addition of 'Other Products' option - this feature allows MSPs to offer multiple TitanHQ solutions to their customer base effortlessly. 

With the proliferation of sophisticated attacks on businesses worldwide, it's crucial to have comprehensive, multi-layered security. All TitanHQ solutions embody the same philosophy and commitment to robust, up-to-date protection. This ensures a consistent approach to security. 

We recently launched the TitanSecure bundle, offering customers a multi-layered security solution featuring SpamTitan Plus, WebTitan, and ArcTitan. It allows you to implement a multi-layered defense system to minimize potential weaknesses and enhance your cybersecurity infrastructure's overall strength, ensuring all fronts are fortified. 

Protect your end users from phishing, malware, and cyber-attacks using our advanced AI-driven threat intelligence, advanced email security, network, and DNS protection, data loss prevention & email and team archiving. With TitanSecure, our AI-powered Triple Threat Protection, you can defend against the most sophisticated attacks. 

Why not experience the power of these excellent new capabilities built to protect you and your people? To learn more about TitanSecure or any of the TitanHQ solutions, visit us here. 

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TitanHQ Logo

TitanHQ, the leading SaaS cybersecurity platform vendor.


All-in-one advanced Email Security, Network and DNS Protection, Data Loss Prevention & Email and Teams Archiving.

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