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MUFON launched Project Aquarius and invites MUFON members and the UFO/UAP community to purchase an annual subscription to this extensive digital library

CINCINNATI, OHIO, UNITED STATES, December 21, 2023 / — The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the longest-serving scientific UFO investigative and research organization, is pleased to announce the pre-sale and launch of Project Aquarius, an extensive digital library of UFO content. Pre-sale began December 20, 2023 and the official launch is scheduled for December 31, 2023.

MUFON’s Project Aquarius began 35 years ago, as The Pandora Project, to digitize various historical collections given to MUFON. Tens of thousands of pages of important historical documents have been amassed, scanned and packaged into seven digital archives or “rooms”. The archives will be offered as a stand-alone subscription for 50 dollars and also included as part of MUFON’s new Researcher Level Membership Package.

A yearly subscription can be purchased in the MUFON Merchandise Store by going to MUFON.COM, clicking on the Store tab and searching MUFON’s Merchandise for Project Aquarius, or directly through this link:

The Project Aquarius Digital Library will consist of 7 digital rooms offering the following:

Room 1: MUFON Archives Research Retrieval System affectionately called MARRS that consists of all paper UFO reports mailed to MUFON between 1967 and 1995 before going digital. 6,000 pages of paper UFO reports that contain evidence never seen by the public before!

Room 2: Gallery of witness submissions of UFO shapes, entity types and symbols submitted by MUFON consisting of over 7,000 illustrations from 135,000 cases.

Room 3: Public Domain library of over 400 years of thousands of newspaper articles about UFOs with many eventually being broken into categories like “Orbs” and “Airships of 1896-7”.

Room 4: 43 years of MUFON Journal and Skylook magazines published from 1967 through 2010.

Room 5: The personal files of Air Force Captain Edward Ruppelt, the original head of the U.S. Airforce’s Project Blue Book; the collections of Bob Pratt, John Warren, The MJ-12 Files, HUMCAT: A humanoid report catalog; and numerous government declassified reports and various white papers. The collection of Hayden Cooper Hewes and the sixty-five notebooks of Crash Retrieval expert Leonard Stringfield will be added in Spring 2024.

Room 6: Complete set of MUFON Symposium Proceedings booklets from 1971 through 2002 showing famous researchers and what they were speaking about decades ago at MUFON’s Symposiums.

Room 7: (Coming Spring 2024)

A multi-level interactive UFO Map including:

• Entire MUFON 135,000 case database with all digital watermarked videos and photos

• Complete National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena (NICAP) Chronology of historical UFO reports

• Historical United Service Organizations (USO) Map laid out by latitude and longitude, a first of its kind

• Swedish and Norwegian UFO Databases held by The Archives for the Unexplained (AFU) in Sweden

• The Larry Hatch database

Project Aquarius is the ultimate Holiday gift for the UFO/UAP investigator or enthusiast… order now!

About The Mutual UFO Network

The Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) is the world’s oldest and largest civilian UFO/UAP investigative and research organization. With over 6000 members worldwide, MUFON operates in 46 countries and all 50 states and records over 12000 reported UFO/UAP sightings per year. MUFON began operations in May 1969, to replace Project Blue Book, and celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2019.

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