Anumá Aerospace Issued Patent for Novel Vacuum Lift Technology

First-to-market technology poised to disrupt the traditional aerospace industry with zero-carbon, solar-electric solutions

We are thrilled that our utility patent has been issued, and we can now proceed with our mission to decarbonize key segments of the aerospace industry,”

— Diana Little, CEO

RALEIGH, NC, USA, September 28, 2023 / — Anumá Aerospace Corporation, the leading pioneer in partial-vacuum lift (PVL) technology, announced today the issuance of its patent US 11,679,855 B2 by the US Patent Office. Designed to produce and control the aerostatic lift of lighter-than-air aircraft, Anumá Aerospace’s technology is the first of its kind to create lift using vacuum.

“We are thrilled that our utility patent has been issued, and we can now proceed with our mission to decarbonize key segments of the aerospace industry,” said Diana Little, Co-Founder and CEO of Anumá Aerospace. “With our PVL technology, Anumá Aerospace offers a wide range of applications — from persistent aerostats for weather, surveillance, and fire monitoring to airships capable of carbon-neutral transportation or mobile hospitals and command centers serving previously unreachable, remote locations.”

Anumá Aerospace believes this technology will usher in a new era of sustainable transportation, connecting remote communities with global markets and creating economic development and job growth in underserved areas.

Anumá Aerospace’s technology:

Provides aerostatic lift by maintaining near-constant volume under low pressure

Removes prior barriers to aerostat and airship use, such as the flammability of hydrogen and the high cost and scarcity of helium

Provides buoyancy control without the complex systems required in conventional helium airships

Is inherently self-ballasting, providing zero-static lift on the ground, enhancing safety, and eliminating the cost and complexity of conventional helium airships’ typical ground operations

Includes solar-electric powered vacuum pumps that recover electrical energy during descent, enhancing the system’s overall efficiency

“360 years ago, aeronautics pioneer and mathematician Francesco Lana proposed a radical idea: the vacuum airship,” said Jamie Little, Co-Founder and CTO of Anumá Aerospace. “Now, recent advances in materials science, manufacturing technologies, and structural engineering innovations have converged to make Lana’s idea attainable. Anumá Aerospace is solving the engineering challenges of vacuum lift, and this technology will drive revolutionary, environmentally-conscious change in the aerospace industry.”


About Anumá Aerospace

At Anumá Aerospace, we envision a world where the promise of globalization can be achieved with environmentally conscious, sustainable, and efficient transportation solutions. We’re building solar-electric, partial-vacuum lift (PVL) aerostats and airships capable of true vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), nearly unlimited range and endurance, and zero emissions. Our solutions can bring surety, security, and sustainability to the global supply chain while providing access to underserved and otherwise inaccessible communities.

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