Etech Global Services Steals the Spotlight at CCW Austin 2024 with a Packed Workshop

Etech Global Services

AI-Powered Speech Analytics Workshop at CCW Austin 2024

CCW Austin 2024 with a Packed Workshop

NACOGDOCHES, TEXAS, USA, February 2, 2024 / — Etech Global Services, a pioneer in customer engagement solutions, took center stage at CCW Austin 2024 with a dynamic workshop and interactive booth experience. At booth #916, attendees had the opportunity to engage with Etech experts and explore their award-winning Quality Monitoring Solution QEval.

Etech captivated the audience with their workshop, “Enhancing Contact Center Quality with Speech-to-Text Analytics.” The session delved into the transformative power of AI-driven speech analytics. It highlighted the key benefits that speech analytics bring to contact centers, including the ability to pinpoint experience gaps, deliver data-driven coaching, scale agile operations, and proactively improve customer interactions.

Attendees gained a 360-degree view of the customer journey and discovered how AI-driven insights can be harnessed to delight customers and empower agents.

Live Q&A with Contact Center and Data Experts

The workshop provided a platform for attendees to engage directly with Etech’s experts through a live Q&A session. This interactive opportunity allowed participants to gain deeper insights into speech analytics and its application in their specific industry domains.

Etech Global Services QEval demo highlighted the solution’s robust features and its pivotal role in elevating contact center operations. QEval’s advanced capabilities were showcased, providing a clear demonstration of how it stands out in the realm of speech analytics, offering unparalleled insights and transformative impact on agent performance.

Commenting on the successful workshop, Matt Rocco, President & CEO of Etech Global Services, said, “At Etech, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of customer experience innovation. The workshop at CCW Austin was a platform for us to educate the audience of the transformative power of AI-driven speech analytics in elevating contact center quality.”

Jim Iyoob, Chief Customer Officer at Etech, added, “Our goal is to empower businesses to exceed customer expectations through data-driven action. The workshop not only showcased our expertise but also provided attendees with practical insights to enhance their own customer experiences.”

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Looking Ahead: Etech at Forst & Sullivan Show

Etech Global Services is gearing up for its next big appearance at the Customer Contact East: A Frost & Sullivan Executive MindXchange, where they will be presenting the workshop titled “From Data to Delight: How CARS Transformed VoC Data into Superior Customer Experiences.” Industry professionals are encouraged to register for the event and gain firsthand insights into Etech’s innovative solutions. You can learn more about their workshop here:

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