Gyeongnam K-Design Award Is A Must-try for Worldwide Designers 2023

GKDA 2023


Artwork with aerospace subject doubles the chance of winning

CHANGWON-SI, GYEONGSANGNAM-DO, SOUTH KOREA, July 21, 2023/ — Gyeongsangnam-do or South Gyeongsang, a province of South Korea that extends along the Korea Strait, west of Busan city, holds Gyeongnam K-Design Award 2023 (hereinafter GKDA 2023) as follows to nurture young design talent and develop the design industry.

The GKDA 2023 is a must-try for designers building design careers in various countries. Anyone over the age of 16 can apply regardless of nationality. Furthermore, since the entry fee is free, all students—high school, college, & graduate—amateur designers, individuals, and companies can freely submit their entries. There are important time frames to remember; the dates below must be adhered to to submit your entries for GKDA 2023. The first submission period is online, and the second is for offline physical entries.

o Public notice: Mar 29 (Wed) – Sep 15 (Fri), 2023

o 1st: Sep 1 (Fri) – Sep 15 (Fri), 2023

o 2nd: Oct 16 (Mon) – Oct 20 (Fri), 2023

The art fields for this GKDA 2023 are diverse, including product & craft, visual & information, digital media & content, and space & environment & service. An individual can select a subject upon their preference; however, choosing “aerospace” that falls under a special category can double the chance of winning GKDA 2023. The evaluation will be conducted simultaneously for both special and general categories once all the participants submit their artwork. More detailed information can be found on GKDA 2023’ Instagram page: @2023gkda

According to the official announcement from GKDA 2023, it is recommended that entries be original and highlight the functions and efficiencies appropriate for their intended use in each category. In addition, the properties of the material must be used effectively and appropriately. You must strictly follow the production guidelines for each sector. Artworks which the mimicry is confirmed or that are deemed detrimental to public order and morals can be restricted. Moreover, artworks that do not go by the product standards clarified at the guideline will not be accepted. Lastly, artworks that have won at any other domestic/overseas contests as of the time of application are excluded from the award. GKDA 2023 strongly emphasized that any winning entries corresponding to the items listed above will be canceled of their records and the cash prize, and the participants will be banned for participation twice.

GKDA 2023 aims to motivate the creation and development of industrial design and contribute to developing related businesses by improving product competitiveness. GKDA 2023 is mainly sponsored by the Gyeongsangnam-do Office of Education, Korea Institute of Design Promotion, Gyeongnam Design Industry Association, KBS Changwon Broadcasting Bureau, and MBC Gyeongnam.

A single certificate of merit (CM) will be handed out for artwork; however, the authorization form and award statement for individuals will also be provided. All award procedures and exhibitions are conducted honestly and transparently in Korea, and inquiries can be made by phone or email, which can be found in GKDA 2023’s official contact information.

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