Maine School of Science and Mathematics Student Recites PI to 919 Digits

Sophomore at MSSM, Ari Anghel from Windham, Maine, recited Pi to 919 digits

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Maine School of Science and Mathematics celebrates #PiDay with students reciting digits of Pi! Sophomore Ari Anghel impresses with 919 digits.


Maine School of Science and Mathematics (MSSM), the state’s first tuition-free, public, residential high school, marked this year’s Pi Day celebration (3-14) with an impressive showcase of mathematical talent as students gathered to recite the digits of Pi to remarkable lengths. With the spirit of mathematical inquiry in full swing, MSSM students demonstrated their love of numbers in a friendly competition that showcased both their dedication to the mathematical arts and their love for all things PI.

The highlight of the event was sophomore Ari Anghel’s extraordinary feat of reciting Pi to 919 digits. Hailing from Windham, Maine, Ari exemplifies the caliber of students drawn to MSSM, where academic excellence and a passion for mathematics converge. Last year, as a freshman, Ari stunned onlookers by reciting Pi to 500 digits. This year, the sights were set even higher to nearly double their previous record, captivating the audience with mathematical virtuosity. Ari’s ambition is attending the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), propelled by their passion for mathematics nurtured at MSSM.

The Pi Day celebration, held on 3-14, saw students indulging in various forms of pies during lunchtime, including pizza, Shepherd’s Pie, Chicken Pot Pie, and dessert pies. As students enjoyed the culinary delights, they also participated in the Pi recitation challenge, with any form of participation earning a slice of pie as a reward. Approximately 14 students took part in the event, showcasing their mathematical skills by reciting anywhere from 3 digits to an impressive 919 digits.

The longstanding school record for Pi recitation, set in 2003 by Nathan Conroy at 1,243 digits. While Ari’s feat is a testament to his dedication and mathematical prowess, the current world record holder, Suresh Sharma, holds an astonishing record of 70,030 digits recited on October 21, 2015, after 17 hours and 14 minutes of continuous recitation.

Pi, or π, is a mathematical constant that holds a revered place in the realms of mathematics and science. Representing the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, Pi is an irrational number with a decimal representation that extends infinitely without repetition. Its significance transcends disciplines, playing a pivotal role in geometry, trigonometry, calculus, and physics, among others.

Founded in 1995 in Limestone (Aroostook County), Maine School of Science and Mathematics has been a beacon of excellence in mathematics education, nurturing a community of intellectually curious students who revel in the beauty and challenge of mathematics. With a focus on fostering a culture of mathematical exploration and collaboration, MSSM empowers students to push the boundaries of their understanding while embracing the joy of mathematical discovery. MSSM was ranked #2 Best High School in the nation in 2019.

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