Ottawa Infotainment and Sensory Expand Collaboration to Integrate Advanced Speech Technologies

A collaboration between Sensory and Ottawa Infotainment

Ottawa Infotainment selected as a preferred automotive partner to integrate Sensory’s Edge AI technologies focused on improved Voice Experiences

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2024 / — Ottawa Infotainment and Sensory Inc. are excited to announce the expansion of their collaboration, with Ottawa Infotainment being selected as one of Sensory’s preferred automotive partners. This expanded partnership provides Ottawa Infotrainment with Sensory’s latest TrulyNatural Speech to text solution which runs entirely on the edge and in vehicles.

Following the initial partnership announcement six months ago at CES, where Ottawa Infotainment demonstrated the integration of Sensory’s advanced voice recognition technology into their DragonFire Domain Controller, this expanded collaboration focuses on bringing even more sophisticated voice assistant capabilities to their infotainment platform.

Miles Hammond, President of Ottawa Infotainment, expressed his enthusiasm for the expanded collaboration: “Being selected as one of Sensory’s preferred automotive partners is a significant milestone for us. The integration of Sensory’s TrulyNatural speech-to-text technology provides our customers with substantial value, allowing us to offer a high-quality voice assistant without the usual development costs and tuning. This technology enhances the user experience by delivering seamless and efficient voice interactions.”

Jeff Rogers, VP of Sales and Marketing at Sensory, highlighted the unique aspects of working with Ottawa Infotainment: “Collaborating with Ottawa Infotainment is special due to their agile approach to software development. They are quite literally one of the fastest teams to integrate new technology, stemming from their deep experience in embedded software development. This partnership allows us to bring our advanced offerings to the market quickly and effectively.”

While the integration of TrulyNatural speech-to-text technology by Ottawa Infotainment is still in its early stages, both companies are optimistic about the future. This partnership is expected to pave the way for more advanced and intuitive in-vehicle experiences, setting new standards for the automotive industry.

For more information about the expanded collaboration between Ottawa Infotainment and Sensory, visit us at Autotech Detroit or contact our press office.

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Sensory is a leading provider of cutting-edge speech and vision AI technologies. With a strong focus on innovation, privacy, and user experience, Sensory develops solutions that redefine human-device interaction. The company’s extensive portfolio of technologies includes TrulyHandsfree, TrulyNatural, and TrulySecure, which together have shipped in over 3 billion products by companies such as Amazon, Honda, Google, Microsoft, Sony, Samsung, and many more leaders in automotive and consumer electronics. Visit to learn more.

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