Phalanx Solutions Unveils Expansion to Italy

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The company known for providing a full continuum of technology, security, and compliance solutions under one roof, is establishing its first EU office in Italy.

We’re excited about the opportunities emerging with new and existing clients…”

— Antonio Macaro, Director of International Operations.

HERNDON, VIRGINIA, US, August 28, 2023/ — Phalanx Solutions, a Unified Solutions company, is pleased to announce the opening of its first European office in Lucca, Italy. The opening of the new office is a strategic move demonstrating the company’s commitment to enhancing client support and driving digital transformation initiatives for Italian businesses and government agencies at both the local and national levels. Antonio Macaro, Director of International Operations, has been appointed to oversee this successful expansion and has been a key proponent of ongoing business relationship building and providing value to Phalanx Solutions clients.
“We are proud to call Lucca home with the opening of our first EU office in Italy. Capitalizing on over a decade of previous international exposure, Phalanx Solutions is entering the international technology market and bringing our full continuum of technology solutions to best support our clients,” says Phalanx Solutions CEO Daniel M. Horton.

The mission of Phalanx Solutions is to provide clients with a full range of cybersecurity, compliance, and technology solutions. The brand’s multi-layered defensive system provides partners with the most innovative and cutting-edge tools for protecting their networks and data. Their dedication, integrity, and strong work ethic drive their services.

“We’re excited about the opportunities emerging with new and existing clients to connect globally while maintaining the same high level of service customers have come to expect domestically. Eloquent solutions without elaborate complications,” stated Antonio Macaro, Director of International Operations.

Phalanx Solutions has long been recognized as a trusted cybersecurity leader, and its commitment to nurturing long-term client relationships has been the foundation of its success. The Lucca office will allow the company to provide clients in Italy with timely and personalized support, ensuring their unique challenges and opportunities are addressed effectively.

Phalanx Solutions is excited about this new chapter in its growth strategy and looks forward to partnering with Italian organizations to drive digital transformation and achieve new levels of success. Interested businesses are encouraged to contact them.

About Phalanx Solutions: Phalanx Solutions, a Unified Solutions company, is headquartered in Herndon, Virginia. The company provides comprehensive services, including a full continuum of cybersecurity, compliance, and information technology solutions, focusing on empowering businesses through technology. Their services are based on integrating various elements to strengthen their customers’ security posture and provide them with the tools they require to deter adversaries in this modern era.

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