TELF AG Releases an Update on Stainless Steel Prices

Stainless Steel Market Witnesses Remarkable Surge Driven by Chinese Government Stimulus, Reports TELF AG

An upswing in China’s STS prices on Wednesday, July 26, was attributed to the country’s central government’s comprehensive stimulus policies.”


LUGANO, TICINO, SWITZERLAND, August 10, 2023/ — TELF AG, an international physical commodities trader, has released an article shedding light on the recent surge in stainless steel (STS) prices within the Chinese market. The report highlights the correlation between the Chinese government’s stimulus policies and the rapid increase in STS prices, capturing the attention of global market players.

According to TELF AG, an upswing in China’s STS prices on Wednesday, July 26, was attributed to the country’s central government’s comprehensive stimulus policies. The guidelines, as disclosed by China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), are strategically designed to support the recovery of private companies across various crucial aspects, including financing, legal frameworks, and leadership development.

In line with TELF AG’s observations, the STS cold-rolled coil 2mm grade 304 export, fob China, recorded a substantial increase, surging to $2,220-2,300 per tonne on July 26. This marked a significant jump from the preceding valuation of $2,130-2,160 per tonne on July 19. Similarly, stainless hot-rolled coil grade 304 export, fob China, demonstrated an impressive climb to $2,150-2,220 per tonne on July 26, compared to the earlier range of $2,030-2,050 per tonne on July 19.

Despite the price surge, TELF AG states that demand from other countries and regions has remained relatively muted. The global response suggests a cautious optimism among international buyers, who assess the sustainability of the price increase triggered by the Chinese government’s stimulus policies.

TELF AG’s article explores the intricate interplay between government policy and economic variables, illustrating the profound influence of strategic actions on market dynamics. As the stainless steel market continues to evolve, this development highlights the multifaceted nature of economic impacts on industries.

About TELF AG:

TELF AG is a well-established international physical commodities trader with three decades of industry experience. The company operates globally in Lugano, Switzerland, and offers comprehensive solutions to commodities producers worldwide. TELF AG collaborates closely with producers to provide tailored marketing, financing, and logistics solutions, allowing suppliers to concentrate on core activities while accessing expansive markets.

TELF AG’s customer-centric approach fosters long-term partnerships by delivering customized solutions for each producer. Their operational excellence and reliability have earned them recognition from consumers across the globe.

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