Texas Partnership Launches Regional Air Mobility in the Lone Star State to make travel a faster experience

Haven Air Services Group is launching Advanced Air Mobility for Texans in partnership with WingTips of Austin, Texas, including the Haven Miles Program

AUSTIN, TEXAS, USA, June 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Haven ASG, the parent company of Haven Aero – an FAA certified Charter Operator – is teaming with WingTips, a software provider of aviation solutions for Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), to deliver a high valued service for regional trips across Texas.

Haven ASG’s fleet of business aircraft fits the flight profiles for travelers in Texas. Teamed with WingTips to provide a demand management system, the combination provides the technology and operations to make Advanced Air Mobility and Regional Air Mobility a reality in Texas.

“NASA’s Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) research will transform our communities by bringing the movement of people and goods off the ground, on demand, and into the sky. This air transportation system of the future will include low-altitude passenger transport, cargo delivery, and public service capabilities.”

NASA Website

The combination of Haven ASG and WingTips empowers Advanced Air Mobility to address specific flight profiles. At launch the service consists of flights from local airports to major metro areas with long drive times and no direct airline service, flown on a regular basis each week. Another offering is shuttle flights offered to travelers at pre-paid rates. Shuttle travelers have repeating, predictable trips where driving and airline travel times are about the same. Later in the year the service will expand to include Shared On-Demand flights, where requests by travelers create the flight schedule. With Shared On-Demand flights, “local to local” trips are possible, dramatically improving the travel experience when traveling between communities with no airline service.

“We are focused on making private air travel a more accessible option. This includes operating efficiently and with our vertical integration model. And now incorporates unique software technology from WingTips to open our service to a wider audience.”

Travis Lamance, CEO

Haven ASG

WingTips, an Advanced Air Mobility platform, brings the required technology to make the various services work for the benefit of travelers. Utilizing a combination of cell location data, Machine Learning AI, and advanced flight optimization technology, WingTips provides the front-end to “demand manage” the services Haven is offering.

For residents in the Amarillo area the service starts July 1, 2024, bringing a new world of opportunity to travel planning. Instead of dealing with the airlines and the hassle of connecting flights through DFW, where the total time is about same door-to-door as driving, overnight trips can now be daytrips at an elevated level of comfort and convenience.

The service launches in Amarillo and surrounding areas. Expansion to Kerrville/Boerne and New Braunfels/San Antonio are planned for later this year.

“Regional Air Mobility (RAM) is the part of Advanced Air Mobility that focuses on trips of 125-300 miles using local airports. The potential to dramatically improve travel is enormous. Texas is a big state, and with the population and economic growth it is experiencing, the need to get around more efficiently has increased. But rather than build freeways at billions of dollars and decades to complete, WingTips delivers a service today that uses the 1,500 airports in Texas. What is exciting is that the service benefits from both “network effect” and “economies of scale” – as the number of people using the service increases, the price comes down, increasing the number of people that will use the service. When Hybrid-Electric aircraft arrive in a couple of years, we will experience a substantial reduction in operating costs. WingTips forecasts at that time a Haven/WingTips flight is about the same cost per mile as driving yourself, but you travel four times faster! The partnership with Haven is just the beginning of what is possible for local, fast, and affordable travel.”

Mike Azzarello

CEO & Founder WingTips

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Haven Miles Program Announced

Haven ASG is introducing a creative high value membership program for frequent travelers. Haven Miles is a membership program that provides preferred access to all the flight services being released by Haven and WingTips. This includes travelling on scheduled flights and Shuttle seats at little or no charge, depending on booking lead time. Haven Miles also provides early access to reposition flights for the whole aircraft or by the seat. The program will be officially launched later this Summer.

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About Haven Aero Services Group:

Haven ASG is a full-service provider for private aviation solutions. Operating a vertically integrated model that includes Air Carrier operations under FAA Part 135, Maintenance operations, aircraft brokerage services and pilot development, Haven’s mission is to maximize safety, time, and money for our aviation clients by leveraging our world-class aviation ecosystem. Operating with aircraft bases throughout Texas, Haven has the fleet to deliver flights across the state and across the world.

About WingTips:

WingTips is a leading provider of software solutions for the aviation industry, dedicated to reshaping the way people travel. Its platform connects passengers with private jets, streamlining the booking and management process. WingTips also spearheads innovation, developing solutions for the electric aircraft and eVTOL industries. With its unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, WingTips is poised to become the world’s premier provider of aviation software solutions.

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