A Stunning Finale! Nimo Makes Waves in the Malaysian Live Streaming Market

Nimo’s Global Gala

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, April 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The world-renowned gaming live-streaming platform, Nimo, hosted its annual global gala in Thailand, a grand event that saw a gathering of nearly a thousand excellent streamers from around the globe, guests from diverse backgrounds, and celebrities, all converging in Bangkok to witness the grand unveiling of numerous prestigious awards.

Nimo Celebrates Outstanding Streamers and Partners, Presenting Over 50 Coveted Awards

This year’s Nimo Global Gala showcased the platform’s international stature and its firm grasp on the gaming and pan-entertainment industry. Stepping into the gala venue was akin to immersing oneself in the world of games, as it was inspired by the globally acclaimed MMORPG game “Tarisland,” recreating the grandeur and mystery of its universe. Accompanied by intense and captivating theme music, the symphony orchestra transported attendees into the realm of Tarisland instantly. The venue also featured a game trial area and an interactive check-in area, providing attendees with the opportunity to experience the latest version of the game, take photos with their favorite cosplayers, and interact with the “Top Ten Star Group Leaders” selected by global fans. These ten “Star Group Leaders” include BIU BIU from Malaysia, zbing z from Thailand, Windah Basudara from Indonesia, and Hypebits TV from the Philippines.

As the highlight of the gala, Nimo presented over 50 prestigious awards to acknowledge the exceptional performance of streamers, guilds, and partners in 2023. Among them, the “Most Popular Game Streamer” in Vietnam was awarded to the renowned streamer MixiGaming, while the “Top 1 Streamer National Glory” titles in Indonesia, Turkey, and the Middle East were respectively won by Indonesian streamer Depinaa, Turkish streamer Serife Nur, and Middle Eastern streamer ALZ3EEM. Streamer MixiGaming expressed his gratitude for the support of Nimo, fans, and the team, highlighting significant breakthroughs in commercial cooperation and platform content interaction over the past year.

Over the past year, Nimo has garnered support from numerous partners, including the award-winning “Best Overseas Cloud Service Provider” Volcano Engine, and the recipient of the “Most Anticipated MMO Award for 2024,” Tarisland.

Guo Shi, CEO of Locojoy, a leading figure in game development, shared “Tarisland not only preserves the pure joy of classic MMORPGs and inherits a timeless fantasy art style but also revives the thrill of challenging dungeon adventures and immersive exploration. With nine distinct classes, players can tailor their character builds to their preferences and gameplay style.”

Renowned European and American musician Russell Brower was invited to compose the game’s music, further enhancing its quality. During its Closed Beta Test (CBT) phase, Tarisland garnered global attention for its exquisite visuals, realistic effects, and other features, earning high praise from fans worldwide.

Guo Shi revealed “Tarisland has now opened global pre-registration and is scheduled for a global launch in June this year. Next, Tarisland and Nimo will collaborate to swiftly introduce Tarisland to Southeast Asian users. With the support of Nimo’s popular game streamers, KOLs, and professional game streaming operation experience, Tarisland is poised to secure its place in the competitive MMO market.”

Renowned Thai artists AOM, BNK48, PRIME TIME, and PEARJA set the stage ablaze with their electrifying performances and sizzling dances at the gala. Vietnamese streamers added a unique flavor to the event with their original Vietnamese rap and a medley of songs in multiple languages. Streamers from Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam showcased their rich cultural heritage with traditional Thai boxing displays. Together, these celebrities and streamers orchestrated a visual extravaganza that captivated fans worldwide.

Nimo Continues to Diversify Content and Enhance Commercial Value, Announces Entry into the Philippine and Malaysian Live Streaming Markets

Last year, Nimo unveiled its aspirations for the pan-entertainment live streaming market, pushing boundaries in its game live streaming business. After a year of meticulous operation, several regions have witnessed remarkable success. Leo Li, CEO of Nimo, disclosed “The platform currently boasts more than 100,000 active streamers per month, over 30 million monthly active users, and collaborations with thousands of top-tier streamers, including e-sports players from more than 50 clubs.”

“Nimo, with its innate affinity for game live streaming, has become the go-to platform for gamers in Vietnam and enjoys a dominant position in the gaming industry across various regions, including Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey, and the Middle East. This year, Nimo aims to delve deeper into the commercial potential of the gaming sector. By leveraging its strengths in game live streaming, Nimo aims to foster stronger collaborations with game developers and various brands, ramping up efforts in joint game operations to deliver a more thrilling game live streaming experience to users. Additionally, Nimo is committed to creating more revenue opportunities for streamers and guilds.”

During the gala, Nimo unveiled its strategic roadmap, encompassing content ecology, business expansion, and product portfolio. In terms of content planning, Nimo aims to continuously diversify its live broadcast content, incorporating elements such as concerts, various sports events, and other high-quality pan-entertainment content that resonate with the local audience. Regarding collaboration with streamers and guilds, Nimo plans to continually refine its cooperation policies, investing more resources to motivate active and outstanding streamers while implementing elimination mechanisms to ensure an optimized and high-performing streamer team.

“Today, I am thrilled to share with everyone that Nimo is set to broaden its horizons and make its mark in the live-streaming markets of Malaysia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Eastern Europe, and other regions in the coming year. We are committed to delivering top-notch games and pan-entertainment live-streaming content to our global user base,” said Leo Li. He further added, “In terms of our product portfolio, while we continue to excel with Nimo, we are also excited to introduce a new language exchange platform – Joytalk. We aim to offer a wider range of communication methods to our users through this enriched vertical social product, and in tandem with Nimo, deliver a wealth of entertaining content to our users.”

For more information on Nimo and Tarisland, please visit the following links:

Tarisland pre-registration link: https://tarislandua.onelink.me/ZE21/prseapre

Tarisland: https://tarisglobal.com/en/home.html

Nimo: https://www.nimo.tv/

Pre-registration benefits: https://svip.nimo.tv/rwgfju

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