Alexandra Lozano and ChavezPR Win Public Relations Award YouTube Show

Alexandra Lozano’s series “Tacos y Tequila” follows the stories of Mexican immigrant chefs and their inspirational stories of resilience.

The team at ChavezPR, Ximena Acosta, Stephen Chavez and Joseph Chavez, receive an award for their work on the series “Tacos y Tequila” for Alexandra Lozano.

The team at ChavezPR, Ximena Acosta, Stephen Chavez and Joseph Chavez, receive an award for their work on the series “Tacos y Tequila” for Alexandra Lozano.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2023 / — ChavezPR, a leading Hispanic public relations agency, is thrilled to announce that they have been honored with the 2023 PRism Award from the Public Relations Society of America, Los Angeles Chapter (PRSA-LA) for their media and influencer engagement work to launch the new “Tacos y Tequila,” series in collaboration with Alexandra Lozano, renowned for her work in immigration law. This award recognizes their outstanding efforts in promoting the law firm’s commitment to educating immigrants through innovative storytelling.

The groundbreaking YouTube series “Tacos y Tequila,” starring Alexandra Lozano, also known as “The Miracle Lawyer” to her clients, sheds light on the lives, experiences, and stories of people who have immigrated to the United States.

The series, which Laressa Watlington and Daniel Watlington, founders of, produce, provides a platform for sharing the diverse cultural heritage of Mexican immigrants while emphasizing the difficulties they encounter and their contributions to American society. This platform also serves as a forum to answer many questions and provide clarification about the immigration process in the United States.

The PRism Award from PRSA-LA is a testament to the campaign’s effectiveness in promoting multiculturalism and fostering empathy among its viewers. Alexandra Lozano’s vision and commitment to telling authentic and compelling stories have garnered widespread recognition, and this award serves as a well-deserved acknowledgment of her dedication to social justice and immigration advocacy.

CEO of ChavezPR, Stephen Chavez, expressed his gratitude for the award, saying, “We are honored to receive the PRism Award from PRSA-LA for our work on ‘Tacos y Tequila.’ This campaign exemplifies the power of storytelling to connect people from different backgrounds and foster a sense of understanding and unity. We are proud to have played a part in bringing these important immigrant stories to the forefront.”

The “Tacos y Tequila” series has already made a significant impact, amassing a dedicated following on YouTube and social media. Viewers have praised the series for its authenticity, emotional depth, and thought-provoking content. The PRism Award is a testament to the power of storytelling to bridge gaps and create understanding.

Looking ahead, ChavezPR and Alexandra Lozano have ambitious plans for the future of “Tacos y Tequila.” They aim to expand the series to include even more diverse voices and narratives, providing a platform for underrepresented communities to share their stories and perspectives. By doing so, they hope to continue fostering greater cultural appreciation and empathy within society.

As “Tacos y Tequila” continues to grow and make a meaningful impact, the collaboration between ChavezPR, Alexandra Lozano, and the production team at stands as a testament to the potential of multimedia storytelling to shape public perceptions and promote inclusivity.

About ChavezPR:
ChavezPR is a leading public relations agency specializing in multicultural communications and community engagement. With a commitment to social justice and diversity, they work tirelessly to amplify the voices of their clients and create lasting positive change.

About Alexandra Lozano:
Alexandra Lozano, known as “The Miracle Lawyer,” is a dedicated immigration attorney renowned for her compassionate and effective advocacy for the Latino community, specifically Mexican immigrants in the United States. Her groundbreaking work in immigration law has garnered her a reputation as a tireless champion of justice.

About PRSA-LA:
The Public Relations Society of America, Los Angeles Chapter (PRSA-LA) is a professional organization dedicated to advancing the public relations profession and promoting ethical and effective communication practices in Southern California.

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