BEET VAN SWIM Announces His First NFT Collection, Challenging Modern Art Consumption Behaviors

Artwork created by BEET VAN SWIM

Japanese artist BEET VAN SWIM has unveiled his first NFT collection, “DIGITAL FINE ART,” on the Foundation marketplace, featuring 10 unique conceptual NFTs.

The opportunity to experience art with our inner sensibilities has dwindled. While creating my artworks, I strive to produce pieces that can be felt on a sensory level.”


IBARAKI, JAPAN, August 5, 2023/ — BEET VAN SWIM, an artist based in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, has announced his first NFT collection, “DIGITAL FINE ART,” on the NFT marketplace Foundation. The collection features 10 conceptual paintings, each showcasing a unique artistic identity. The floor price of the collection is set at 2.24 ETH (approximately $1,800 USD at current rates).

To purchase these limited NFTs, virtual currency wallets, such as MetaMask, need to be connected to the Foundation marketplace. Given the limited distribution of BEET VAN SWIM’s works in the market, these NFTs hold the potential for significant future value appreciation.


Born in 1962, BEET VAN SWIM is an art creator based in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. His creative journey began at the age of 20, and he studied painting techniques at the School of Fine Arts in New York from 1994 to 1996. While BEET VAN SWIM has been actively involved in analog painting throughout his long artistic career, he embarked on digital artwork creation around 2020. Through the “DIGITAL FINE ART” collection, BEET VAN SWIM has skillfully merged his scrupulous painting techniques, developed over almost four decades, with digital technology to establish a distinctive and avant-garde artistic style.

BEET VAN SWIM interprets this collection as a means to challenge a sense of loss towards contemporary consumer behaviors, dominated by the digital technology. He laments, “Since the transition of visual and musical art forms to digital, it feels like the mainstream is increasingly filled with works that merely stimulate superficial human senses, like riding a roller coaster. The opportunity to experience art with our inner sensibilities has dwindled. While creating my artworks, I strive to produce pieces appeal to the human senses.”

At the same time, he pays homage to the possibilities opened up by digital technology and culture as a new medium for art. BEET VAN SWIM embraces the challenge of utilizing digital technology skillfully as a creator, exploring the aesthetics perceived by inner sensibilities unique to the digital realm. He remarks, “Digital technology has expanded the potential for everything we see to become an artwork, inspiring me to create pieces while perceiving things from a different perspective, much like writing a daily diary. I believe everyone must be interested in NFT artworks with a higher level of artistic expression…”

The NFT collection comprises diverse artworks, ranging from abstract graphics reminiscent of music album artwork to refurbished ballpoint pen drawings created 40 years ago by himself. For those who are bored at “mass-manufactured” NFTs, owning one of these ten artistic NFTs would give a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the profound world of art and hone their senses.

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