Charlene Classic: Splendid Debut of a Chinese High Jewellery Brand in the UK

Charlene Classic – Fine Jewellery on Display at the V&A Museum

LONDON, SOUTHWARK, UNITED KINGDOM, April 9, 2024 / — Charlene Classic celebrated the grand finale of its 10th-anniversary exhibition, “The Jewellery Art of Bamboo Fan,” at the Victoria & Albert Museum. This exhibition showcased Charlene Classic’s leadership as a premier Chinese luxury jewellery brand, weaving captivating Chinese narratives and championing Oriental aesthetics on the global stage. The exhibition was a testament to a decade of Charlene Classic’s innovative journey, magnifying its profound influence across the international stage.

Hosted at the 170-year-old Victoria & Albert Museum, a beacon of art and design, the exhibition unveiled a deep-seated synergy between Charlene Classic and the museum. United by a shared passion for design, creativity, and the enrichment of cultural knowledge, this collaboration attracted the attention of the international press, celebrated artists and global visitors, all mesmerized by Charlene Classic’s unique Oriental allure and groundbreaking presentation.

Historically revered by Chinese scholars and connoisseurs, the fan symbolizes not just refined taste but also serves as a medium for personal expression. Originating from Charlene Classic’s bespoke high Classic’s bespoke high jewellery – Landscape Fan Collection for the Palace Museum in 2017, the Landscape Fan Collection draws from ancient masterpieces, encapsulating the soul of Oriental culture within the delicate expanse of 1 cm².

About the Founder – Charlene Li

After graduating from one of China’s most prestigious universities, Charlene Li rapidly rose to prominence within the finance industry. Despite a smoothly progressing career, Charlene, at the pivotal age of 30, took the unexpected step of departing from her well-established path in finance to embark on an entrepreneurial journey. This bold move raised eyebrows among many of her peers and observers, who had witnessed Charlene’s successful trajectory and her fervent dedication to her profession.

“This is the culmination of three decades of perseverance aiming for a moment of rebirth. Reaching a milestone age, I found myself fully equipped and ready to forge my own enterprise, seeking a deeper, more meaningful pursuit in the art of jewellery, choosing it as the compass for my future endeavours.”

Brand Collection- Interpreting Oriental Aesthetic Culture through Chinese Fans

Historically, the fan has held a special place in the hearts of scholars and connoisseurs, emblematic of its holder’s cultivated tastes and a medium to express fondness. The Fan Collection originated from the Charlene Classic custom high jewellery collection for the Palace Museum in 2017. Drawing inspiration from the ancient fans in the Palace Museum’s collection, it captures the beauty of Eastern culture in 1cm².

The history of the Chinese fan can be dated back to over 3,000 years ago, popularised during the Han Dynasty (206BC-AD220) when the simple bamboo fan and the cattail-leaf fan were invented. Encapsulating this long and prominent history, Charlene’s Bamboo Fan Collection uses precious emerald as the main gemstone alongside fine craftmanship. The intricate structure of the jewellery combined with exquisite gemstone recreates the dynamic scene of a bamboo forest.

Faint shadows of bamboo are reflected in the flowing creek as if one could see the shimmering green on the water’s surface. It represents both the shadows of the bamboo in the stream and the silhouette of the bamboo, layer upon layer, creating a timeless ambiance that sparks contemplation throughout the ages.

Exhibition Highlight: Creative Bamboo Grove Design with Chinese Story Fusion

The “Bamboo Grove” centrepiece of the exhibition mesmerizes with its circular jewellery display. Stepping into this serene space, visitors are enveloped by the gentle rustle of leaves and the whisper of a breeze, evoking a natural beauty.

Featured within are the Bamboo Fan high jewellery Collection, drawing inspiration from ink bamboo in literati paintings. It carries on the classic “fan” elements from the “Landscape Fan Collection “, customized for the Forbidden City in 2017, intricately carving out the philosophical charm of Oriental aesthetics. Launched in 2023, this collection was showcased at the Everson Museum in the United States, where it received the Special Award and Designer Award.

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