CP Kazor’s New Book “Stories of the Mystery Trust Volume 1” Builds Nostalgia of an Old 50’s TV Show

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Author CP Kazor – Stories of the Mystery Trust

“Stories of the Mystery Trust Volume 1,” which is set to captivate readers with its nostalgic tribute to the classic 50’s TV series, “The Millionaire.”

Writing comes naturally to me,” he said, “but the real struggle is in marketing the books.”

— CP Kazor

TAMPA, FLORIDA, USA, March 15, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Author CP Kazor is excited to announce the upcoming release of his new book, “Stories of the Mystery Trust Volume 1,” which is set to captivate readers with its nostalgic tribute to the classic 50’s TV series, “The Millionaire.” The book will be available on Amazon starting March 20, 2024.

Drawing inspiration from the beloved television show that aired from 1955 to 1960, “Stories of the Mystery Trust Volume 1” takes readers on a journey reminiscent of the days when families gathered around the TV to watch the adventures of Michael Anthony and the ultra-rich benefactor, John Beresford Tipton.

This captivating sequel to “The Mystery Trust, The Beginning” delves into the heartwarming stories of individuals whose lives are forever changed by the enigmatic Mystery Trust. Headed by Michael Cardale, the Trust’s mission is to provide financial support to those in need and help them turn their lives around.

The book features the first three compelling stories of Mystery Trust recipients. In “Angel in a Blue Cloud,” readers are introduced to a woman in Brandon, Florida, who selflessly cares for her dying best friend and children while struggling to make ends meet.

“The Revenge Factor” follows Jean Seed of the Mystery Trust as she travels to Las Vegas, Nevada, to the grantee, a bitter dancer whose dreams were shattered by a tragic accident. The recipient then travels to Rexburg, Idaho, to seek his revenge.

Finally, in “The Auction,” the Mystery Trust visits Dahlonega, Georgia, and explores the concept of karma and is proof that a “good deed never goes unpunished. “ Proving that every action has a ripple effect.

Following his success with “Civil War Battle Born,” CP Kazor addressed the ease of writing compared to the challenges of distribution in a post-release interview. “Writing comes naturally to me,” he said, “but the real struggle is in marketing the books.”

While transitioning from his second work, “Civil War Battle Born,” to “The Mystery Trust: The Beginning,” Kazor innovated a strategy to invigorate sales. He began incorporating sponsored content for small businesses into his narratives, offering a unique form of visibility to local enterprises within the community settings of his tales.

Kazor’s narratives intentionally spotlight lesser-known locales and celebrate their homegrown commerce. By painting a positive portrait of these towns and their enterprises, he weaves endorsements seamlessly into his plotlines. As he crafts his characters, local establishments serve as backdrops, providing a stage where personalities unfold—whether it’s through their culinary choices, the manners they display while eating as well as the interaction with service staff.

For instance, a delightful food experience like the Pesto Chicken Onion Mushroom Pizza served up in Dahlonega, Georgia, doesn’t just tantalize the palate—it enriches his storytelling. “Discover the restaurant that dishes out this culinary delight within the pages of my book,” Kazor teases readers into a gastronomic adventure that doubles as literary exploration.

Kazor’s most commendable approach is the cost-free participation for the featured towns and businesses. His vision for a reciprocal benefit is clear: businesses gain exposure at no cost while playing host to his book signings, fostering a mutualistic relationship with the author. This ingenious melding of literature and local enterprise creates a win-win scenario for Kazor and the communities his books touch.

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“Stories of the Mystery Trust Volume 1” is currently available on Kindle on Amazon.com, with the paperback version set to be released on March 20. For more information or to schedule an interview with author CP Kazor, please contact him at 888.788.3616 or via email at [email protected].

Join us in experiencing the magic and mystery of the Mystery Trust with this enchanting new book.

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