Debut Children’s Book “Shaky Quaky Jake” Sparks Conversation on Essential Tremor Awareness

Cover for the debut title “Shaky Quaky Jake” by Kelly D. Roberts

Sample of “Shaky Quaky Jake” as illustrated by Jveria Gauhar

Save the Date for independent bookstore Adventures Underground, where signed copies of “Shaky Quaky Jake” are sold

Sparking Empathy: Groundbreaking Children’s Book Promotes Understanding of Essential Tremor

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, USA, February 26, 2024 / — Global Bookshelves International proudly announces the release of “Shaky Quaky Jake,” the first-ever children’s book dedicated to shedding light on essential tremor (ET) releasing worldwide on March 1, 2024. Authored by Kelly D. Roberts and beautifully illustrated by Jveria Gauhar, this heartwarming tale aims to raise awareness and foster empathy towards individuals facing this neurological condition.

Essential tremor, often misunderstood or overlooked, is brought to the forefront in “Shaky Quaky Jake.” Through the story of Jake, a young boy navigating the challenges of living with ET, readers are invited into a world of understanding and acceptance. Edited by Leila Boukarim, the book is a poignant narrative that celebrates diversity and the importance of embracing one’s uniqueness. National Essential Tremor Awareness Month (NETA) is celebrated in March. The International Essential Tremor Foundation (IETF) started NETA in the United States to raise awareness of essential tremor (ET).

On March 2, 2024, readers and fans of the authir based in Richland, Washington are encouraged to attend an official Book Launch event at Adventures Underground, an independent bookstore in the Tri-Cities area in Washington state. The event will have refreshments, a book reading, book signing, crafts, and small prizes betwen 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm Pacific time. An AWWASL sign language interpreter will be available at the Book Launch. For details or ordering information, visit

Kelly D. Roberts shares her inspiration behind the book, stating, “I really believe each child is special and they’re precious just the way they are. Each child needs to be accepted for who they are, as they are.” Roberts, who writes about neurodiverse and disabled characters, draws from her own experiences with neurodiversity, aiming to provide relatable content for children facing similar struggles.

Roberts highlights the significance of fostering empathy and understanding among children. Roberts emphasizes, “This book is for all children.” Although the book highlights the story of a child with a “unique-ability,” she hopes this book fosters relatable emotions and how to interact with people’s differences. Through Jake’s journey, readers witness the power of resilience and the importance of acceptance.

“Shaky Quaky Jake” not only serves as a tool for educating children about ET but also encourages open conversations about tough subjects. Roberts urges parents to engage with their children, emphasizing the impact of quality time spent together building a close relationship.

Readers can connect with Kelly D. Roberts online via @kdrobertswrites on Instagram, as well as on Facebook. “Shaky Quaky Jake” will be available for sale as of March 1, with personalized options offered through Adventures Underground. The book will also be available through various distributors, including Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Target.

“Shaky Quaky Jake” is not just a book; it’s a conversation starter, igniting dialogue and fostering a more inclusive society for all. The more we talk about perceived differences in those around us with the children our lives touch, the more we change our global community.

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