Dive Deep into the Divine with Kaia Ra on the Pretty Intense Podcast

Bestselling author, Kaia Ra, joins Danica Patrick on the Pretty Intense podcast to illuminate the pathways of divine potential and human empowerment

CEDAR CITY, UTAH, UNITED STATES, November 29, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a riveting new episode of the acclaimed Pretty Intense Podcast, host Danica Patrick sits down with Kaia Ra, international bestselling author of “The Sophia Code.” This poignant conversation promises listeners an exclusive look into the expansive universe of human potential, as both dynamic women traverse subjects that resonate deeply within the modern age.

Kaia Ra, widely celebrated as a potent voice of the Divine Feminine and a champion for individual sovereignty, delves into her transformative journey of channeling Ascended Masters. With every revelation, listeners are offered a window into the spiritual depths from which “The Sophia Code” was birthed. Kaia’s passionate discourse on the significance of acknowledging one’s inherent power and aspiring to the zenith of one’s capabilities is nothing short of mesmerizing.

“In our quest for truth and enlightenment, it’s paramount to remember that within each of us lies an untapped reservoir of divine potential,” said Kaia Ra. “By recognizing and embracing this boundless energy, we can shatter the barriers that obscure our path, revealing a journey steeped in empowerment, love, and limitless possibility.”

During their conversation, Patrick and Ra unveil the multifaceted terrain of human potential, scrutinizing the obstacles and external dynamics that frequently deter us from our destined greatness. From insightful discussions on dark energies and covert operations that shape our realm, this episode serves as an illuminating guide, urging audiences to face the invisible entities influencing our existence and to discern the vast potential lying dormant within.

Danica Patrick, a trailblazer in the world of motorsports, made history as a NASCAR series racer, breaking barriers and setting new standards for female athletes. Her remarkable achievements extend beyond the racetrack, as she became the first female host of the ESPY – the prestigious sports award show presented by ESPN. After her illustrious racing career, she transitioned her passion for excellence into the literary world, penning the inspiring book “Pretty Intense.

In her connection with the Ascended Masters, Oracle Kaia Ra channels celestial blueprints. These divine guidelines form the heart of The Sophia Code movement. Guided by her oracle gifts and decades of dedicated practice, she unveils secrets of realms beyond, revealing insights that have long been hidden, and providing fresh perspectives on age-old spiritual wisdom.


For more news and information on Kaia Ra, you can visit her website at https://kaiara.com/.

To listen to the most recent episode, please visit Danica Patrick’s website at https://www.danicapatrick.com/


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