“Does God Exist?” Apologist, Dr. Andrew Knight vs. Atheist, Dr. Charles Negy

Baptist pastor and director of the Institute for Biblical Apologetics

Christian vs. Atheists Debate

Apologetic Basics

The existence of God is the biggest question in life. What does it mean to you? Come with an open mind and bring a friend. Questions & answers at the end.

The debate between Naturalism and Theism will not be resolved at this debate but it will be resolved in someone’s heart.”

— Dr. Andrew Knight

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, May 12, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — This coming Monday night in New Smyrna Beach, Florida Constitution Baptist Church will be hosting a debate. The subject will be on whether or not God exists, and what it means to you. The host is Dr. Andrew Knight a Baptist pastor and author of five books. His opponent will be Dr. Charles Negy, who is an atheist professor at the University of Central Florida. Dr. Negy is the author of one book and over sixty peer-reviewed articles. This will be an intellectual debate between two academics from their respective fields of study. It will be challenging for each side. Both will have their preconceived notions or convictions challenged. Whatever your worldview is come expecting to hear information that may add to your own understanding.

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