Exclusive startup launch: 10101.art aims to upend the art market to finally make it accessible to everyone

Private Celebration Night by 10101.art

10101.art, an innovative ArtTech ecosystem dedicated to democratising access to high-calibre art, is celebrating its grand opening on 15 April

DUBAI, UAE, April 9, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The rules of art collecting are about to change drastically. A revolutionary new platform, 10101.art, explodes onto the scene with a grand launch event on April 15th, promising to democratize art ownership.

Becoming art owners at 10101.art isn’t a traditional art auction. Forget astronomical price tags and exclusive access for the elite. 10101.art throws open the doors, allowing a new generation of collectors to own a piece of history through collective ownership.

The launch ignites a firestorm of excitement with an exclusive pre-sale featuring works by legendary artists like the enigmatic Banksy and the pop art king, Andy Warhol. Imagine owning a piece of a Banksy original, a satirical commentary on our times, or a piece of Warhol’s vibrant pop culture legacy. 10101.art makes this dream a reality.

The April 15th celebration night, held at the Monada Art Gallery in Dubai’s DIFC, promises an experience beyond the virtual. Guests will be among the first to navigate the innovative 10101.art platform, being the first ones to witness how collective ownership unlocks the previously exclusive art market.

This grand launch party is all about a vibrant community of art enthusiasts. Event attendees will have an opportunity to mingle with industry leaders, including Alina Krot, CEO of 10101.art, and fellow collectors. Spark conversations, share your passion, and become part of a movement redefining art ownership for the future.

10101.art shatters the traditional art market by allowing anyone to invest in iconic works by Picasso, Dalí, Warhol, Banksy, and more. Through a secure blockchain-based system and unique legal framework, they transform genuine paintings into ownable digital pieces, guaranteeing legal ownership of a portion of the original masterpiece, democratising art collecting and fostering a passionate community.

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