Jamie Ralliford to Launch Inspirational Book “Choose Happiness Unapologetically with Resilience and Persistence”

Her First book is set to launch in December 2023, coupled with a sophisticated New York City event.

I’ve learned to trust the process. God’s Plan is none of my business!”

— Jamie “Ms Chu” Ralliford

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, US, November 29, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — Jamie Ralliford, affectionately known as “DJ. Ms. Chu,” is set to inspire and empower readers with the upcoming release of her transformative book, “Choose Happiness Unapologetically with Resilience and Persistence.” This eagerly awaited book launch will be held Thursday, December 7, 2023 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM at the Brooklyn Chop House in Times Square 253 W 47th Street, New York, NY 10036

“Choose Happiness Unapologetically with Resilience and Persistence” is an exceptional piece of literature that promises to be a game-changer for those facing imposter syndrome, self-doubt, and struggles to open up. Ms. Chu’s unique perspective and personal stories in the book offer readers a fresh outlook on life, providing them with the tools to navigate obstacles and find hope and success.

With a Bachelor of Science in Finance, a Master of Business Administration in Management, and a Paralegal Certification from Long Island University, Brooklyn Campus, Jamie Ralliford has a solid educational foundation. Her life experiences and multifaceted career uniquely qualify her to guide readers toward happiness and resilience.

“I’ve learned to trust the process. God’s Plan is none of my business!” -Jamie “Ms Chu” Ralliford

The chapters in “Choose Happiness Unapologetically with Resilience and Persistence” are presented innovatively and engagingly, mirroring Ms. Chu’s diverse background. The book is organized into two sides, much like a vinyl record. Side A guides readers on overcoming common obstacles, such as fear, anxiety, and low self-esteem. It’s a journey through adversity and self-discovery, all set to the rhythm of life.

When you flip over to Side B, you’ll discover how to define the life you truly want and the path to a fulfilling future. Each chapter is inspired by an upbeat song, injecting the book with rhythm, motivation, and inspiration. It’s a unique structure that will keep readers engaged and eager to turn the pages.

As the anticipation for her book launch builds, Ms. Chu is gearing up for a grand event in New York City to celebrate the release of “Choose Happiness Unapologetically with Resilience and Persistence.” The event promises to be a night of inspiration and celebration, bringing together individuals from all walks of life as they enjoy light bites and cocktails.

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Jamie Ralliford, affectionately known as “Ms. Chu,” is a mother, wife, corporate executive, entrepreneur, international DJ, influencer, and transformational leader passionate about helping others maximize their full potential. Jamie is also the CEO of Bold & Boss Boutique and Bold & Boss Hair, a lifestyle brand curating style, luxury hair extensions, custom wigs, and training for the fabulous woman on the go. A native New Yorker from the borough of Queens, her edgy, city-girl aura is perfectly balanced by her infectious enthusiasm for music, entrepreneurship, fashion, and serving the community at large. Jamie is the go-to person for good fun, great music, inspiration, and style. She considers herself a “chameleon,” all things changing, always grooving, mover and shaker, lover of music, style, fashion, and the LIFE of ANY PARTY!


“Choose Happiness Unapologetically with Resilience and Persistence” by Jamie Ralliford offers an inspiring path to discovering your inner strength, power, and resilience. This book will inspire anyone who suffers from imposter syndrome, self-doubt or an inability to open up, while providing a new outlook on life. As you will discover from the personal stories in this book, facing your struggles can lead you down paths filled with hope and success! This book will help you find the strength to press onward, even when self-doubt and perceived vulnerabilities try to hold you back. The chapters are presented uniquely; instead of the traditional layout, they’re arranged like music tracks! Dividing into Side A, where you will learn how to overcome common obstacles that can stand in your way – from fear and anxiety to low self-esteem. Then flip over to Side B, which provides direction on defining what kind of life you want and guides you towards living a fulfilling future, alongside a collection of upbeat songs as chapter titles for inspiration.

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