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MARICOPA, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, August 15, 2023/ — Everyday workplace related accidents and injuries happen all over the world resulting in serious injuries and tragic loss of life. Whether from slips, trips, falls, or hazardous substances, many of these accidents could have been avoided had there been safety regulations in place. In today’s modern workplace safety should be integral and imperative to all employers. In fact, not only is it the law it is a moral and ethical responsibility of all employers to insure they provide safe working conditions. Over the years, there have been horrific incidents of workplace catastrophes but fortunately things have greatly improved thanks to better safety standards and dedicated individuals who continue to make certain that a safe work environment remains a leading priority.

Jack Podojil is the CEO of Podojil and Associates a safety health risk management consulting service firm, founder and owner of IASHEP (International Association of Safety, Health and Environmental Professionals) and the author of “Safety Solutions” for the Plastic Fabricators & Distributors Magazine, plus three other motivational books. He also serves as an expert witness testifying in both civil and criminal cases. Mr. Podojil has over 46 years of experience in occupational safety and health.

IASHEP is staunchly dedicated to serving its members and the public. Mr. Podojil says we should focus on preventing workplace accidents in the first place and that is his life’s mission. He accomplishes this through informing, educating, and providing IASHEP members the most up to date resources resulting in more conscious attentive, well-informed workers with the knowledge on how to better avoid and reduce risks of accidents. IASHEP accomplishes this by instructor-led classrooms, interactive live webcasts, and onsite and online training centers which are located worldwide.

Prior to opening up Podojil and Associates, Mr. Podojil was employed as a Corporate Safety and Health Manager of Technical Support in well-known aerospace company. Many unsafe conditions existed in the workplace but upper management was apathetic in developing strategies or policies to promote safety training and consequently this led to two employees sustaining serious injuries in an electrical explosion. Mr. Podojil realized it was absolutely critical to advocate for safe workplace practices and soon after resigning from the aerospace company he started Podojil and associates. He made certain that IASHEP exceeds basic OSHA compliance realizing that the public needed to be aware of the true hazards that OSHA institutes did not address and in 2014 he formed IASHEP as a non-profit to help educate people in more current electrical codes and ergonomic type hazards. IASHEP offers professional credentials in the safety health and environmental field assisting people in acquiring continuing education credits. Not only do they cover OSHA standards but also the national fire protection acts and the anti-standards national electric codes.

Moreover, IASHEP gives back to charities like St Jude’s hospital and prides himself on having a philanthropic model.

IASHEP is “different,” than other organizations because they consider themselves a family, says Mr. Podojil. He emphasizes that their code of conduct is the strongest in the health and safety field on both a national and global scale.

In fact, for many years IASHEP is proud to help people no matter what their situation. For instance, even if one of their members face a precarious situation like suddenly become unemployed or a debilitating health problem IASHEP will not terminate your membership but will put you on hold till your back on your feet because you always remain a part of the IASHEP family for life.

Mr. Podojil’s dedication to safety stems from his good heart and genuine care for all people. He always has safety in mind, always keeping an eye out for potential hazards. When he is shopping for instance, he makes certain to have a sharp eye continually assessing health and safety hazards. For example, if he spots a baby in a grocery cart standing up he makes certain to make unsuspecting parents aware that this could result in serious injury to the child. He encourages us all to do the same and look out for each other. It’s wise to take precautions and always avoid unnecessary risks! Creating a safe environment for all of us has far reaching and long- lasting impact that will inspire generations to come.

Close Up Radio will feature two IASHEP representatives Raul Santiago in an interview with Jim Masters on Thursday August 17th at 1:00 p.m. EST and Alex Rivera in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on Tuesday August 22nd at 2:00 p.m. EST

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