Joymind Emerges as America’s Largest Virtual Hypnotherapy Provider

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Stop Suffering with Hypnotherapy

Stop Suffering with Hypnotherapy

Meet Our Top Specialists You Can Trust

Meet Our Top Specialists You Can Trust

Joymind’s virtual hypnotherapy sessions provide a safe and effective way for individuals to experience the benefits of hypnosis from the comfort of their homes.

Michael Glock Ph.D. a Joymind co-founder is proud to establish the largest platform in America delivering virtual Hypnotherapy services to all those in need of fundamental positive change.”

— Michael Glock Ph.D.

HOLLYWOOD, FL, USA, November 29, 2023 / — Joymind, a notable presence in transformative hypnotherapy, announces its significant venture into virtual hypnotherapy, consolidating its status as the largest single provider of virtual hypnotherapy in America. In response to the increasing demand for accessible and effective mental health solutions, Joymind now presents an array of virtual sessions meticulously crafted to address diverse challenges, ranging from anxiety and stress to relationship issues and personal development.

Joymind’s virtual hypnotherapy sessions furnish a secure and efficacious means for individuals to undergo the advantages of hypnosis within the confines of their residences. The platform features an assembly of exceptional specialists, including certified clinical hypnotherapists and Joymind coaches, each possessing the proficiency to navigate clients through a transformative journey.

With an admirable track record of success, Joymind’s methodology incorporates a pioneering approach formulated by Dr. Glock, comprising three pivotal steps: the revelation of unconscious forces, resolution of issues and reprogramming, and positive reframing and reinforcement. This methodology has demonstrated effectiveness in aiding clients to surmount diverse challenges and attain enduring positive change.

Clients can select from various domains, including anxiety and stress, relationships, trauma, personal development, among others. The virtual sessions present the advantage of no commute and no scheduling stress, thereby extending the reach of professional hypnotherapy to a broader audience.

Joymind’s virtual hypnotherapy platform also encompasses flexible plans customized to individual preferences and lifestyle needs. Clients retain the option to switch to another expert at no additional cost if the current hypnotherapist does not align with their requirements. The platform’s economically viable plans ensure that clients can economize without compromising on the quality of care.

In an era where mental health holds paramount significance, Joymind remains at the forefront of innovative solutions, delivering top-tier hypnotherapy to a diverse clientele nationwide.

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