Nusuk Hajj Card Marks a Significant Advancement in Pilgrim Management

MAKKAH, SAUDI ARABIA, June 15, 2024 / — The Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced that the introduction of the Nusuk card during this year’s pilgrimage has created a significant shift in the management and assistance of pilgrims. The card has been instrumental in facilitating the movement of pilgrims to the holy sites and has effectively eliminated the issue of lost pilgrims.

In a series of multilingual introductory videos, the Ministry highlighted that the Nusuk card ensures that conforming pilgrims no longer fear getting lost or losing their way to their accommodation. The QR code on the card allows anyone nearby to assist and guide the pilgrim confidently.

The Ministry emphasized that the Nusuk card is the only officially approved proof for conforming pilgrims at the Holy Sites. It enables authorities to provide quick and efficient assistance, featuring advanced security elements and essential identifying information for the pilgrim, including a certificate of Hajj completion. The primary goal of the card is to facilitate the pilgrims’ journey to the Two Holy Mosques and the Holy Sites, ensuring they can perform their rituals with ease and peace of mind, while receiving top-tier care and attention.

The Nusuk card also aids in the seamless organization of Hajj rituals and is integrated with the Nusk and Tawakkalna applications. Only those with a Hajj permit or visa can obtain the card; those without it are not allowed to enter or move around the Holy Sites.

The Ministry reassured pilgrims that in the event of a lost card, a replacement can be requested. Pilgrims can continue their rituals and access health, logistical services, and accommodation in Mecca during the Hajj season.

“Losing the Nusuk card is not an issue of concern. A pilgrim can simply obtain the card through simple procedures, which begin with presenting the organizing authorities with the digital copy of the card on the Nusuk application and notifying their group leader to issue a new one. The card must be retained throughout the entire Hajj journey,” the ministry noted.

Security points have been strategically deployed at the Holy Sites to ensure that entry is restricted to conforming pilgrims holding a Nusuk card.

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