PICTURED LIFE  A NEW BOOK of Immigration stories & 350 color photos of historic structures and natural wonders

“Pictured Life” is a photography table-top book of 350 color photos, Order the physical book, or download to your
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GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, December 22, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — PICTURED LIFE is a new book. Published with Archway Publishing. It is a photography table-top book of 350 COLORED PHOTOS ENCIRCLED WITHIN TRUE STORIES of immigrants during the early 1900’s – AUTHORED IN RESPECT OF OUR FOREFATHERS. Anne Crans, photographer and author.

“Pictured Life – And True Stories from Northern and Upper Michigan”, consists of 350 photos ENCIRCLED BY CONNECTED LIFE STORIES that give sentiment to perseverance, challenges, and the love of family of the first immigrants. It reveals a community that finds beauty in nature and strength in each other.

Timeless – Anneke

“The promise of new lands, education for immigrant children, large barns of meaningful, architectural design – tell the story … walking, canoeing – discovery, observing. Immersed in nature – use your imagination viewing colorful diversity within nature of wild flowers, birds and insects. “Pictured Life” will stimulate your imagination, as memories of past are relived”.

IMAGINE … “Take Time to imagine…”

Listen to the call of the birds, the sounds of crickets; listen to the voices of the children singing. It is early morning; you are feeding grain to the black and white Holsteins, behind North Bessemer School.

In “Pictured Life”, the lives of Dutch, Finns, Norwegians, and Swedes – Upper Peninsula’s immigrants are revealed. This story takes the reader through family struggles and toils; shining a spotlight on the schools, barns, and homes of magnificent architecture within the astonishing sights of nature in Northern and Upper Michigan.

The stories of immigrants reveal almost insurmountable challenges, but the families persevered. The pain of loss will be impressed upon you. The reader will also see many connections at every level between the immigrants and themselves.

Recommendation – LaVerne Blickley

“Part immigrant memoir, part colorful visuals of natural beauty, this book will speak to and draw forth your own experiences and dreams. The author generously shares through astonishing award-winning pictures and imagery the immigration journey as a young child through adolescence into adulthood. Family life in all its successes and tragedies, its promises and realities, anchors this book into a strong sense of nature’s grandiose strength and endurance. Your own heart and mind will be moved by memories past into reminisces of more recent events and on to inspirations for future road trips and vacations.”

Exquisite– John Van Ooyen

“Anne has inquiring and exquisite eyes for nature’s moment, caught by her camera. Anne’s photos bring out the beauty hidden in nature. Anne’s photos are beautiful!”

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