Producer Stephan Smirou Remakes Popkanon’s Debut Single “Brothers”

Cover Art Brothers (Club Version)

Stephan Smirou


The sound design of the remake “Brothers (Club version)” was developed to capture and strengthen the vibe of the original song.”

— Stephan Smirou

OSLO, NORWAY, July 29, 2023/ — The Norwegian production team Popkanon, in collaboration with French-Norwegian producer and composer Stephan Smirou, is releasing an instant feel-good remake of the hit song “Brothers.” The original “Brothers” received praise from journalists around the world and gained radio play in Europe. The song originally combined genres of indie pop, country, and hip-hop. This time, the song is repackaged with a brand new feel good vibe, ready to hit the dance floors worldwide as a catchy Melodic House-track. The remake still retains some elements of the original song, incorporating the swagger from the Chicago hip-hop artist “Exclusive” and the soulful vocals from the R&B singer “Nef.”

The sound design of the remake “Brothers (Club version)” was developed to capture and strengthen the vibe of the original song. This was achieved by using and accentuating certain key parts of the lyrics in the verse and the chorus, periodically altering the melody of the song. The spot on interpretation of Stephan Smirou revitalizes the message of the song, which is the vulnerability of loneliness and the strength of togetherness and in looking out for one another. Wrapped in the genre of Melodic House, Stephan Smirou succeeds brilliantly in introducing the song to a broader audience…and to the dancefloor.

“Brothers”(Club Version) can be streamed on Spotify, iTunes, and all other major streaming services. To listen to the song, click here

Stephan Smirou is a french-norwegian producer, composer and songwriter. He has guest starred with bands such as “Jaga Jazzist” and the Norwegian pop-sensation “Ravi”; collaborated with the two-time, Norwegian Grammy Nominee-winner “Palace of Pleasure”, and written music for established Norwegian musicians.

Stephan Smirou runs Vayuproduction, a music production company ( aiming to bring out the best out of any musical ideas or concepts, and shape these into quality tracks and sounds. Stephan Smirou also offers high quality original tracks, lyrics, remixes, or assistance to further develop compositions and productions for artists in order for them to achieve great results.

Popkanon is a songwriting/production company founded by Paal Bay Braathen, Morten Collier Gabrielsen, and Tomas Jensen in 2020. Their goal is to excite and inspire fans through their music, featuring both up-and-coming and established artists.

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