Relationship Mentor Anil Gupta Launches “The Smart Selection System” Program

Anil Gupta, The Love Doctor, Relationship Mentor

New Relationship Program: Discover the Smart Selection System’s Unique Approach to Love & Finding the Right Life Partner

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, February 26, 2024 / — In a world where the quest for meaningful connections often ends in a maze of mismatches, Anil Gupta, globally recognized as the Love Doctor, unveils his latest endeavor – The Smart Selection System. This pioneering 10-week program is more than just a guide; it’s a transformative journey for singles seeking the secrets to lasting love and finding the right life partner.

Gupta’s system, backed by his 35-year-strong marriage and profound insights into relationship dynamics, offers an unprecedented approach to love. Participants will explore the depths of self-discovery, master conflict resolution, and learn the art of building trust and intimacy. With a track record of rejuvenating relationships worldwide, Gupta’s program promises a new era of love, understanding, and deeply fulfilling partnerships.

Overview of Program Benefits:

• The program begins with a focus on self-discovery and understanding, helping individuals unravel their values, beliefs, and emotions and their impacts on relationships.

• Progressing through the weeks, it delves into increasing awareness of conflict triggers, transforming communication patterns, and building trust and intimacy.

• The final stages of the program emphasize the integration of these skills into everyday life, mastery of deep emotional connections, and sustaining positive relationship changes.


• “The program’s week on conflict resolution has changed our relationship dynamics completely. We’re more in sync now.” – Mark and Lisa G., Client

• “Anil Gupta’s guidance through this program was eye-opening. It helped me approach relationships with a new perspective. I now see why other relationships either never took flight or failed and have the tools to change that all now.” – Emily R., Client


Anil Gupta, globally known as the Love Doctor, is a preeminent Relationship Mentor acclaimed for his work with both singles. His 35+ year strong marriage and his role as a successful parent highlight his commitment to relationship success. Anil’s “The Smart Selection System (SSS)” reflects his deep understanding of relationship dynamics, aimed at rekindling affection and understanding in partnerships.

Anil’s insights have been featured on platforms such as Fox News, Harvard, Sky TV, and Tedx. He is the author of the international bestseller “Immediate Happiness” and the founder of The Happiness Score. His global influence extends to over 18 countries, impacting thousands through his workshops and publications.

Anil’s journey includes overcoming personal challenges and creating the Happiness Formula, Happiness Score, Relationship Score, Relationship Ratio, and the Happiness Test. His expertise has garnered attention from international leaders and celebrities, marking him as a visionary in relationship guidance and personal development.

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