Sci-Fi Noir Detective Saga “eJUNKY” Explores the Risks and Consequences of Relying on Technology

LOS ANGELES, CA , UNITED STATES, May 23, 2023/ — Sometimes literature transcends the boundaries of entertainment, raising important social and political questions about our future. eJUNKY, a sci-fi noir graphic novel published by Simon and Schuster, is one such example. Author Nicholas Tana draws on years of experience working in the biotech industry to change how we view pain and suffering.

Available for preorder on Simon and Schuster’s website, eJUNKY features cover art by Darick Robertson (The Boys) and variant covers by World Fantasy Award winner Daniele Serra and Bram Stoker Award winner Stefano Cardoselli. Illustrator Kyle Faehnrich’s unique style, Paul Pope punk, glam, neon-noir mixed with H.R. Giger gothic sci-fi grit, deftly fits Tana’s dystopian mood.

Written while Tana was in the hospital with his daughter, who suffers from a life-threatening disease, Tana underwent a spiritual transformation through suffering, channeling it into this unique story. Set in a not-so-distant future in which emotions are made transparent—and even regulated—through devices known as EMO-REG, actors are replaced by Dream Celebrities, and people become walking billboards through Ad Apparel. The world of eJUNKY relies heavily on technology to eliminate pain and suffering, until a cult group known as the Guardians of Pain unleash it all back into the world! A dreamy, surreal journey into our minds, eJUNKY is guaranteed to entertain and make experience junkies (eJUNKIES) of us all.

“The risks and consequences of relying on technology to solve all our human problems are a central theme in eJUNKY. By writing eJUNKY, I wanted to explore the value of pain in a way that gave it new meaning and purpose. As a society, we try everything possible to erase suffering from our lives. However, after embarking on a deep spiritual meditation practice to combat anxiety and depression, I’ve learned to confront pain, to transform it, to give my life new meaning.” says Tana.

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“Watchmen. The Dark Knight Returns. Concrete. Kings in Disguise. With the perfect combination of prose and art, they gave us all-enveloping worlds as only comics can.

eJUNKY’s violent, surreal, online and whacked-out universe is utterly weird … and we recognize it at once. It’s our world–plus. And with the writing of Nicholas Tana and the art of Kyle Faehenrich we have a combination that gives us way more than the sum of the parts. Watchmen, Dark Knight, Concrete, Kings … eJUNKY is that unique—and that good.”

– Mort Castle, Three Time Bram Stoker Award® winner

Co-Creator of Shadow Show: A Celebration of Ray Bradbury

“A twisted noir thrill-ride into ‘Blade Runner’ meets ‘The Matrix’ in ‘Brazil’ fantasy world. Lust, power and existential dread layer Tana’s terrifying dreamscape where your own memory can’t be trusted.”

– Darick Robertson, Co-creator of The Boys and Transmetropolitan

eJUNKY is available for pre-order on Simon and Schuster now at

Nicholas Tana is a writer, director, producer, and musician. He is the creator of the graphic novel Hell’s Kitty, which spawned a web series, a feature film, and an award-winning musical at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. Tana has also written a dark prequel to Snow White for Disney Publishing and his supernatural time travel tale, “Forgotten Shadows”, recently appeared in the Fall 2022 issue of The Horror Zine. Tana runs his own production company, SmartMedia, LLC, for which he has written and directed numerous projects. When he’s not working, he loves reading, swimming, riding his electric bike, and watching movies.

Kyle Faehnrich is a comic artist/illustrator and founder of Goons & Goblins Art. He draws from a variety of influences, the main inspirations for his style come from horror comics and traditional tattoos. Farhnrich is creatively motivated by a fascination with the dark and the unknown. Kyle graduated with a BA in Illustration from Columbia College Chicago in 2019, but he’s been making comics all his life. eJUNKY will be Kyle’s first illustration of a full-length graphic novel. When not working or hunching over his tablet, Kyle can be found drumming, watching horror movies, playing video games, or out enjoying nature.

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