The Launch of The Birdfy Fund – A New Chapter in Avian Conservation

Birdfy Fund Embrace Your Ideas

Birdfy recognizes the challenges faced by bird-related initiatives due to financial constraints,Birdfy Fund has been established to extend sponsorship.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORLINIA, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2024 / — Background Introduction
Birdfy, in its ongoing journey of growth and expansion, has established a commendable track record of collaboration with over 20 NGOs. Recognizing the financial and resource constraints faced by many bird-related initiatives, Birdfy is proud to announce the establishment of the Birdfy Fund, which offers sponsorship to help these organizations thrive and engage more people to care about avian welfare.

This initiative is not only a testament to Birdfy’s commitment to supporting more NGOs but also reflects their desire to share the joy and love for birds and nature with a broader audience, encapsulated in Birdfy’s slogan ‘Bird in sight, Joy in mind’.

What is Birdfy Fund
The Birdfy Fund is an innovative initiative to support avian welfare and habitat preservation, embodying Birdfy’s dedication to giving back to society and protecting birds. This fund encourages individuals and organizations passionate about nature and bird conservation to submit their project ideas for support.

Allen Chen, CEO of Birdfy, states, “Our vision has always been to bring communities together and foster a deep connection with nature through our technological and financial support. The Birdfy Fund is a step towards realizing this vision by providing sponsorship to those in need and spreading the importance of bird love to a wider audience.”

Who Birdfy Fund Support
Birdfy is committed to fostering win-win partnerships that bring benefits to both parties involved. In pursuit of this goal, Birdfy strategically allocates its financial resources and product donations to support a wide range of organizations. These include avian conservation groups, bird-related events and publications, educational initiatives, senior care engagement programs, welfare organizations, research projects, and community engagement initiatives.

On the one hand, Birdfy wants to leverage its resources to strengthen the shared mission of avian welfare and awareness. This involves promoting greater public engagement in avian protection through direct bird conservation projects, scientific research, as well as the organization of bird-related events and publications.

On the other hand, Birdfy is open-minded and actively seeks collaborations with diverse industries. By integrating its offerings into therapeutic birdwatching workshops at senior care centers and collaborating with schools for educational programs. Birdfy not only enhances the quality of life for individuals in diverse settings but also underscores the vital role of bird conservation in society.

Supported Examples
Expanding into the education sector, Birdfy collaborates with organizations like Cather Elementary School, where Birdfy has donated bird feeder products, integrating them into the curriculum to provide students with hands-on learning experiences about wildlife conservation and the significance of biodiversity.

Additionally, Birdfy’s collaboration with WILDSPACE has a significant impact on inspiring the public about bird conservation and creating wildlife-friendly spaces. The Birdfy feeder cam, nest box, and pole enable continuous observation of wildlife day and night, fostering engagement from the community and generating excitement around bird sightings, even during quieter moments.

The partnership between Birdfy and the Tadorna Wildlife Hub exemplifies a shared commitment to avian conservation. Birdfy sponsors products for the Hub’s nature reserves, contributing to bird tours and educational activities.

Birdfy extends its influence into the digital realm by sponsoring product prizes for birdwatching challenges organized by the Birda app. This strategic partnership fosters an engaging community of nature enthusiasts, encouraging users to connect with the natural world through birdwatching.

Furthermore, as a sponsor of the Biggest Week in American Birding 2023, Birdfy has played a pivotal role in one of the most influential birding events in the USA. This sponsorship underscores Birdfy’s commitment to birdwatching and conservation efforts, contributing significantly to the event’s success.

How to Apply
The Birdfy Fund is currently accepting submissions from individuals, groups, and organizations across various sectors. Interested parties are encouraged to reach out through the ‘Contact Us’ or ‘Send Your Ideas’ options on the Birdfy Fund Page, or directly via email at [email protected].

This initiative marks a significant step forward in Birdfy’s commitment to avian conservation, inviting a collective effort to make a tangible impact on bird welfare and habitat preservation.

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