Trail’d Reveals Top Six Overlanding Vehicles for the Ultimate Adventure Experience

Trail’d reveals top 6 vehicles for optimal integration with their innovative 6-Gallon Spare Water Tank. Enhance overlanding adventures with Trail’d.

UNITED STATES, July 14, 2023/ — Trail’d, a leading provider of overlanding equipment and namely the Trail’d tank is excited to announce its top six vehicle recommendations for the ultimate overlanding experience. These recommendations will enable adventure seekers to plan their expeditions more effectively, particularly in ensuring a reliable water supply without compromising space in and on the vehicle.

Trail’d focuses on aiding overlanders in embracing the blend of off-roading, exploration, and camping. “Our primary goal is to ensure explorers are well-equipped, focusing on one of the most critical aspects – maintaining a reliable water source. We understand how loading a vehicle with spare water can lead to taking up critical space for other items you frequently access, and we have an innovative solution,” said Brandon Pride – CEO of Trail’d.

The solution lies in the company’s unique product – the Trail’d 6-Gallon Spare Water Tank. Designed to integrate seamlessly with some of the most popular overlanding vehicles, the tank converts a vehicle’s spare tire space into a spare water reservoir.

The top six vehicles for overlanding as endorsed by Trail’d, include:

Toyota Tacoma: Reliable and robust, this all-rounder vehicle has been a crowd-favourite amongst overlanders as it has withstood the test of time and has so many readily accessible accessories. It pairs effortlessly with the Trail’d Tank, offering up to 18 gallons of water storage.

Jeep Gladiator: Known for its heavy-duty durability and all round off-road power, the Jeep Gladiator can withstand the toughest trails. Mounting the Trail’d tank onto this vehicle is straightforward, ensuring maximum water storage even in the harshest terrains.

Toyota 4 Runner: This versatile SUV offers outstanding off-road performance, easily pairing with the Trail’d tank for convenient water storage on any overlanding trail.

Toyota Tundra: Similar to the Tacoma but with more power, this vehicle’s spare tire under the bed facilitates effortless compatibility with the Trail’d tank.

Chevy Colorado Z71: A new favourite amongst overlanders for its robust construction, practicality, and reliability, this vehicle pairs seamlessly with the Trail’d tank.

Ford Ranger Raptor: Offering excellent off-road abilities and ample power, this vehicle is perfect for exploring desert dunes or tackling steep mountain trails. Like the other vehicles, it pairs simply with a Trail’d tank, ensuring a ready water supply when needed.

“These top vehicles have something in common – they’re fantastic for overlanding and pair seamlessly with the Trail’d tank. Our goal is to facilitate easy water storage without compromising precious storage space or the tank’s mounting,” added Brandon (CEO of Trail’d).

Trail’d also recommends adding a mounting ring to orders for extending the life of the tank and encourages readers to learn more about how to install the Trail’d tank on their website.

“By adding convenience, saving space, and preparing for the unexpected with the Trail’d Tank, we aim to elevate every overlander’s experience. Here’s to happy overlanding!” concluded Brandon Pride – CEO of Trail’d.

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