Trump Official, Army Veteran Dr. Wayne Johnson Endorsed By Republican Leader Vivian Childs

Vivian Childs Stands With Wayne Johnson for Congress for Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District

Johnson will again be traveling all 30 counties in the district in his truck wrapped with “Stop the Stupid in Washington.”

Every Voice Matters”

— Vivian Childs

CENTERVILLE, GA, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2024 / — A most respected Republican who was the first woman to run for Congress in Georgia’s District 2, a leader within the Georgia Black Republican Council, wife to a retired senior Air Force Officer, accomplished writer, proud mother of outstanding children, minister, and a person with a demonstrated heart for serving others, called upon Voters to stand with her and elect Dr. Wayne Johnson as the Republican nominee for Georgia’s 2nd Congressional District.

“Our country and our district are at a cross-roads. It is time for us to elect an individual who is capable, on day one, of moving the pendulum in the direction of a better Washington, and a better 2nd District. The time is now; a misstep by not electing the individual who will get the voters across the finish line in November is critical. Many have asked who I believe is the best choice in the runoff election for the congressional seat and today I will answer that I am putting my trust in Wayne Johnson to secure the necessary win to change the present administration in November.

To the thousands of people in Middle and Southwest Georgia, as you cast your vote for a better country and a better district, I pray that your choice will be for Dr. Wayne Johnson. During election cycles, I asked you to vet your candidate, I even asked you to vet me. So, I have vetted Wayne. Wayne has the experience, and the keys to open doors that are necessary for the well-being of the constituents in the 2nd District and beyond. The reason a congressional candidate’s residence is not a determiner and appears, to some, to be outside the normal requirements is because when a congressional vote is made, it affects each and every American in this country and not just those in a particular district.

That is why I can say with confidence that Wayne has what is needed to cause jobs to be created, affordable housing to be built, educational opportunities to be expanded, our farmers to be able to get the resources to maintain their agricultural excellence, law enforcement to be compensated with higher pay, delivery of a greater availability of localized medical care, and our military to be ensured that it is given what is needed to protect our very being in Georgia and across this nation,” stated Vivian Childs.

Childs additionally emphasized, “I know the needs of the district, and the district has an opportunity to point the needle toward bettering the future of its children, its communities, its law enforcement, and its military. Please, please, please vote early on June 10th, take a friend, or on June 18th election day vote for Wayne Johnson in the Run-Off election.”

Congressional Candidate Johnson’s response to Childs’ was heartfelt, “A Vote of Confidence” by Vivian Childs is of high honor. In my opinion, Vivian is the best example of what a committed Republican and American, who truly cares about serving others is all about. Her recognition of me as someone of like-mind is humbling. I was fortunate to get to know Vivian well during the last election cycle where she brought more women and black voters to vote Republican, which was well recognized by all who followed that race and the 2020 primary election which brought national attention to her primary race. Most notably, as a Black Female Republican Leader, Vivian was invited to the White House to be at the proclamation signing with President Trump as he signed a proclamation in honor of the late civil rights leader, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther Jing Jr.”

Johnson added, “Vivian’s stand with me is highly appreciated. However, what is most exciting is the power and reach of Vivian’s voice in bringing voters over to voting for me and President Trump this November. Vivian’s support makes prevailing over Sanford Bishop and Joe Biden much more doable. A lot of people follow and respect Vivian. Vivian is a force who can make a difference”.

Johnson concluded his recognition from Childs by emphasizing his campaign theme “That by all of us working together we can “Stop the Stupid in Washington”.

Early voting for the Run-Off starts June 10. Election Day is June 18. As Vivian is famous for saying, “Every Voice Matters”, and your vote is a most important part of your voice”.

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