WeaponUP Launches an Online Fitness Studio That Introduces a Unique Approach to Movement through Sword Fusion

WeaponUP instructor demonstrating a posture from the Balance Series

A new online fitness studio opens combining the kung fu sword with vinyasa yoga. Move over goat yoga, theres a new contender in town.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Move over “Goat Yoga”, there’s a new contender in town. WeaponUP, Inc. a new fitness venture, is thrilled to announce the official launch of its online studio on May 1st, which promises to bring a fresh and empowering approach to women’s fitness through an innovative blend of the Kung Fu sword and vinyasa yoga. Founded by Sabina Hyseni, a martial artist and yoga instructor who spent years studying and practicing Kung Fu at Shaolin and Wudang Tai Chi academies in China, WeaponUP is set to shake up the martial arts and yoga fitness landscape.

“Our mission at WeaponUP is to help women to become their most empowered and beautiful selves,” said Hyseni, Founder of WeaponUP. “We provide a fitness solution that gets people moving, decreases the injury rates commonly associated with traditional martial arts and promotes the physical well-being that yoga can offer – all while holding a sword!”

Sword Fitness for Graceful Movement

The online studio has been carefully crafted to meet the needs of women who seek a fun, engaging, and effective workout routine that can be accessed from the comfort of their homes. WeaponUP’s unique approach combines the grace of the Kung Fu straight sword, an element traditionally associated with strength and agility, with the fluidity of vinyasa yoga. There are four distinct series in the practice that are tailored for women, the Balance, Flex, Sculpt and Grace series, each focused on their own theme.

“WeaponUP is not just about fitness; it’s about a lifestyle that embraces strength, flexibility, and revels in the joy of movement,” Sabina explained. “Our online studio is always growing and will feature on demand WeaponUP flows, live sessions, training programmes and sword skills to accommodate any schedule, ensuring all our members can find a convenient and comfortable way to practice.”

Empowering Women Through Sword Fitness

The launch of WeaponUP’s online studio is especially timely, as interest in home-based fitness solutions has surged. With an emphasis on grace and empowerment, WeaponUP aims to fill a gap in the market by offering a fitness program that is both inclusive and effective. There are a lot more women attending yoga and pilates classes than there are women practicing Kung Fu, which is a shame. This practice combines the best of both worlds – strength and grace in one and the confidence of a warrior.

“WeaponUP was born from a need to create a safer, more inclusive environment for women in martial arts and weapons mastery,” said Sabina. “By merging two powerful disciplines, we have created a program that not only challenges the body but also gets women to feel the power of wielding a sword.”

Special Launch Offer

To celebrate the launch, WeaponUP is offering a special introductory yearly subscription rate for new members who sign up by June 1st. This offer will include unlimited access to all classes, challenges, programmes, and exclusive member-only live events for the entire year.

About WeaponUP

WeaponUP is an online fitness studio that uniquely blends the Kung Fu sword with vinyasa yoga and intuitive movement to create a dynamic and empowering workout. Founded by Sabina Hyseni, a martial artist and certified yoga instructor, WeaponUP is committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and innovative fitness experience for everyone.

For more information about WeaponUP and to join the fun sword fitness revolution, visit theweaponup.com or contact [email protected].

Media Inquiries

WeaponUP is happy to provide more information, interviews, or demos on request. Please contact Sabina Hyseni at +1 910-315-0412 or via email at [email protected].

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