Witt launches Pizza Ovens with rotating stone and booster burner

Witt ETNA Pizza ovens

Pizza baking

The new ETNA series have been awarded IF Design Award, German Design Award and Good Design.

We are very proud of the 5-star review from BBC Good Food. This and the other 2023 awards clearly state Witt ETNA series as Premium Pizza Ovens.”

— Cathrine Orloff Risum

HERNING, DENMARK, May 8, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The pizza ovens from Witt ETNA are made of solid materials that radiates robustness and quality. The double insulation helps to maintain the extremely high temperatures and makes it quick to heat up to 932 °F. The ETNA series U-shaped burner is designed to distribute the heat completely evenly inside the oven.

Witt launched two pizza ovens in the ETNA series: Rotante and Fermo.

Witt Rotante
The pizza oven’s U-burner ensures even heat distribution without the necessity of having to rotate the pizza during the bake.

Witt Rotante is equipped with a rotating pizza stone – just press a button and the rotation starts. No need to remove the pizza from the oven to turn it and the rotation ensures the pizza is baked evenly across its entire area.

Witt Rotante also has a booster burner that is placed under the pizza stone, and this results in an even distribution of heat to the stone – meaning no ‘cold areas’. Even more importantly, the booster keeps the stone warm making it possible to quickly bake the pizzas without having to wait for the temperature to rise again after each pizza. It is easy, fast, and delicious.

Witt Fermo
Like the Rotante, this pizza oven is equipped with a U-burner to ensure an even distribution of heat.
Witt Fermo has an integrated pizza stone, and you only need to rotate your pizza once, as the U-burner will ensure an even distribution of heat to the pizza.

The brand-new pizza ovens from Witt have been awarded IF Design Award, German Design Award, Good Design and 5-star review from BBC Good Food.

Buy it here: Expected launch date end June 2023

Suggested retail price:
Rotante: USD 999, –
Fermo: USD 749, –

Link to BBC Good Food: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/review/witt-etna-rotante-pizza-oven-review
Link to high-resolution images: https://we.tl/t-Q2azSpVEha
Link to video: https://youtu.be/oBGwOKT5wUI

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Meet the Witt ETNA pizza oven range

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