Product Security Hub Announces the Launch of a New Platform and Solutions to Help Medical Device Manufacturers Build and Manage Cybersecurity for Their Program and Products
Product Security Hub announces the launch of its platform to enable medical device manufacturers to secure their products by building security into their design with ProdSecDesigner and maturing their product security program with ProdSecMaturity.

Product Security Hub, LLC, a medical device cybersecurity workplace for medical device manufacturers, has today announced the launch of its platform and two product security solutions, ProdSecDesigner and ProdSecMaturity. The first-of-a-kind platform enables medical device manufacturers to build cybersecurity into their products and improve the maturity of their program.

"The healthcare environment has changed significantly over the last decade with so many products now running software and having some type of connectivity," said Colin Morgan, Founder and CEO of Product Security Hub, LLC. "With all the cybersecurity content and information available, it is challenging for many to figure out what to do when and how to use it. Our goal is for Product Security Hub to help organizations focus on execution rather than spend significant time trying to figure out what they need to do."

The initial launch of Product Security Hub consists of two solutions: ProdSecDesigner and ProdSecMaturity.


ProdSecDesigner is built for individuals who are designing, developing, and managing products pre-market and post-market. ProdSecDesigner enables you to identify and understand what needs to be done to build security into a medical device and across the total product lifecycle.  

ProdSecDesigner enables you to inventory products, document components, analyze threats, manage requirements, and review residual risks. "ProdSecDesigner was built by product security engineers who spent decades working for medical device manufacturers, government contractors and intelligence agencies. Their expertise has contributed to the development of a proprietary threat and requirement catalog, built for medical devices and fully traceable to standards like Common Weaknesses and Exposures (CWE), NIST 800-53r5, ISO 80001-2-2 and others," said Morgan. 


ProdSecMaturity guides organizations, startups, and established businesses alike in building out their product security program and maturing it over time. With ProdSecMaturity, you assess the maturity of your company, plan your goals, prioritize your activities and mature your cybersecurity program.   

With this solution, companies can assess their organization's maturity on industry frameworks such as the FDA Pre-Market Cybersecurity Draft Guidance, FDA Post-Market Management of Cybersecurity in Medical Devices, EU MDCG Cybersecurity for Devices Regulatory Requirements and more. Post assessment, companies can effortlessly view their maturity, identify gaps and prioritize tactical activities. 

About Product Security Hub, LLC

Founded in 2022, Product Security Hub offers multiple solutions for medical device manufacturers to help manage cybersecurity across their program and products. Our team has built, led, and worked on product security for some of the largest healthcare and medical device manufacturers in the world. 

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