Telesystem to Launch #HackersSuck Cybersecurity Bundle With Updated Security Awareness Training Application

Telesystem, a nationwide provider of cybersecurity, networking, and communication solutions, announced today the launch of its new HackersSuck cybersecurity product bundles, which are anchored by their refreshed Employee Security Awareness Training solution. The bundles are a comprehensive offering designed to simplify the increasingly complex cybersecurity marketplace for brokers and decision-makers alike. With the bundled solutions, organizations can benefit from security awareness training, endpoint protection, and email protection, which are available through Telesystem’s rapidly growing partner channel. By offering these services together, Telesystem aims to provide businesses with a comprehensive cybersecurity offering that is easy to understand and implement. Additionally, their standalone Security Awareness Training solution can now be purchased online at their website

The launch of their cybersecurity bundles also serves to retire the Threat Protector brand name that Telesystem acquired in August 2022. Moving forward, Telesystem’s cybersecurity product set will be branded #HackersSuck to take advantage of the success of the summit series and the associated brand activities. The ‘HackersSuck’ brand has gained tremendous popularity since its initial release last year. The company has been emphasizing, in a fun and authentic manner, the importance of remaining vigilant against cyber threats while also highlighting the truth that cybercriminals are indeed bad news. In line with their rebranding, Telesystem intends to continue its marketing campaign and emphasizes its commitment to providing high-quality cybersecurity training solutions.

“When we set out to launch our cybersecurity product set and brand it, we aimed for the center of the bullseye," said Telesystem’s Chief Revenue Officer Bruce Wirt. “When we use the word ‘hacker’, we’re referring to the black-hat hacker that seeks to destroy identities, ruin lives, destabilize economies, and take down organizations. Unfortunately, our branding has offended some of the many ethical hackers out there that are fighting with us against bad actors. The hackers that do all the good work of identifying the various flaws, deficiencies, and vulnerabilities, those doing the diligence of figuring out technical issues, learning new technologies and making them better, in no way do we want to degenerate your efforts. You all don't suck, you rock,” continued Wirt.

Telesystem will also offer advanced communication and collaboration services as an add-on to the bundle with the idea that a business can use Telesystem as a one-stop-shop for all of the vital components of an organization’s technology stack. Beyond the per-user bundled seat offerings, Telesystem offers a variety of security, networking, and communication services, including multiple levels of software defined networking (SD-WAN), secure access service edge (SASE), managed firewall, and unified communications (UCaaS), that can be tailored for the unique and specific needs of the organization that uses it.

“There are many organizations out there that place great emphasis on research and development and bring amazing products to market,” said Wirt. “Some of these great products and services are lacking the support and service levels that business owners expect and require. Telesystem aims to bring the best technology to our customers with a level of service and support that goes beyond the expectations of our most demanding customers. We believe that ‘IT is about trust’, and customers that buy from Telesystem will get reliability and experience at an affordable price.”

To learn more about the bundle components, the cybersecurity threat landscape, and best practices for staying connected and protected, organizations can register for one of Telesystem’s free #HackersSuck cybersecurity summits. Business leaders and technology sellers can register for in-person or virtual attendance at

About Telesystem 

For over 30 years, Telesystem has been a trusted technology partner for SME and mid-market U.S.-based organizations, empowering businesses across the country with a range of innovative cybersecurity, networking and communication solutions designed to address the business-specific needs of each customer. Guided by strategic partnerships and a customer-centric mission, these customized solutions are backed by an end-to-end managed experience and 24/7 U.S.-based support team.     

Telesystem provides service to businesses in all areas of the United States. Their customers include hospitals, universities, local public and private school districts, banks, multi-location retail establishments and regional government offices, just to name a few.    

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