Lists the Best Columbus Day Mattress Deals of 2023

Best Mattress Brand is dedicated to publishing in-depth mattress reviews and sleep health information. Recently, their editors have been researching the best Columbus Day mattress promotions this year. Some of the top offers they’ve found include sales from trustworthy mattress brands such as Amerisleep, Zoma, and Vaya.

Amerisleep is offering $450 off any mattress during this Columbus Day weekend. Dr. Jordan Burns, a chiropractor and sleep expert, shares, “Research has shown that memory foam mattresses, such as the Amerisleep AS3, provide support to maintain a neutral spinal alignment to help alleviate shoulder, back, and hip pain.” He also adds, “The Amerisleep AS3 is the best overall mattress for people looking to reduce aches and pains, provide support to their spine, and help improve the overall quality of their sleep.” As interior stylist Kimberly Holdaway of @lemonleafhomeinteriors raves, "Set up was super easy, shipping was fast and free, and a cool and comfortable night's sleep is guaranteed."

Zoma Sleep is offering $150 off any of their performance-enhancing mattresses. Dr. Burns says, “The medium firmness and cooling gel features of the Zoma mattress help provide a more comfortable and higher quality of sleep.” Zoma is a favorite among professional athletes as well. Pro football player Colby Wooden states, "For me, a good night's sleep is crucial when playing against 300-pounders. My Zoma mattress guarantees a quality night's rest."

Vaya Sleep is offering $300 off any mattress during this shopping season too. Dr. Burns explains, “Studies have shown that medium-firm mattresses like the Vaya mattress are optimal for reducing pain and improving overall quality of sleep.”

These specially curated Columbus Day deals, alongside expert recommendations from the Best Mattress Brand editors, are designed to help shoppers get the best mattresses for their money.

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