Tongyeong, Korea’s First City Specializing in Night Tourism, Reveals Representative Nighttime Venues

Night Scenery of Gangguan Port

Gangguan Port is the central venue of Tongyeong's night tourism development

Tongyeong City, the first 'city specializing in night tourism' in South Korea, unveiled its night tourism brand, 'Tonight, TongYeong,' last December and has since been actively working to establish itself as a premier night tourism destination. The city has undertaken projects in content development, improved night tourism infrastructure, and engaged in promotional marketing.

To celebrate its one-year anniversary as a designated city for night tourism, Tongyeong the best night destinations for visitors.

Best Scenery Spots Illuminating Tongyeong's Night

1. Gangguan Bridge
Gangguan Bridge, named through a public vote, is a 13m high, 92.5m long pedestrian bridge spanning Gangguan Port, the hub of Tongyeong's fishing industry. Illuminated with colorful lights at night, the bridge offers a stunning view of the city center and the serene sea. It is renowned as an observation point to appreciate the night scenery from atop the bridge.

2. Dpirang
Dpirang is the country's first and largest outdoor digital theme park. Inspired by murals that change every two years in Dongpirang Village, a famous mural village in South Korea, Dpirang incorporates media art. A 1.5km hillside trail adorned with harmonious music enhances the experience.

3. Gangguan Cultural Square
A pivotal landmark in Tongyeong's night tourism, Gangguan Cultural Square features a large sculpture of Tongyeong's mascot, 'Dongbaegi' (a seagull character), holding the Tongyeong night tourism slogan 'Tonight TongYeong' over the sea. The square hosted various night-specialized festivals and cultural events, including the Tongyeong Hansan Battle Festival, Tonight Tongyeong Night Fringe, Modern Boys & Dining Festa, and the Candlelight Concert.

4. Tongyeong Bridge
Connecting Tongyeong's mainland and the city's largest island, Mireukdo, Tongyeong Bridge is a renowned night-view attraction and one of Tongyeong's eight scenic views. The rainbow-colored night view leading to Tongyeong Canal and the seaside park provides a fantastic experience for visitors.

Best Sunset Spots to Enjoy a Golden Sunset

1. Dara Park
Dara Park, cherished by locals, offers a beautiful horizon view 30 minutes before sunset. The sunset deck, situated at the park's highest point, allows visitors to enjoy the golden light created by the sunset, overlooking the spectacular Hallyeo Waterway.

2. Dangpo Fortress
Situated at the location where the Dangpo Fortress once stood to prevent external invasions, this site offers a steep but short slope that leads to a panoramic view of the harbor and the sea. Particularly during sunset, visitors can appreciate the golden hues of the setting sun, accompanied by the earthy feel of the fortress walls, providing a unique and indigenous atmosphere.

Tongyeong City has actively promoted night-specialized festivals, engaged in social media marketing, established night photo zones and lighting installations, and hosted field trips with foreign influencers to strengthen its position as Korea's premier night tourism city. The city has announced its commitment to continue diverse promotional activities to invigorate night tourism in the future.

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