Turno is Now an Official Airbnb Software Partner
Turno, a vacation rental cleaning solution, is an Airbnb software partner



Turno, the global leader in vacation rental cleaning management, today announced it is an official Airbnb Software Partner. This new partnership underscores Airbnb's ongoing commitment to ensuring that properties hosted on its platform consistently meet high-quality cleanliness standards and provide guests with fresh, hygienic, and welcoming stay environments. 

Founded in 2016, Turno is uniquely positioned to support hosts and property managers in optimizing turnover operations and improving cleanliness outcomes. Its SaaS platform and separate mobile apps for Hosts and Cleaners deliver end-to-end solutions for sourcing, paying, and managing the entire vacation rental cleaning lifecycle. In addition, Turno hosts the industry's largest Cleaner Marketplace that matches short-term rental operators with STR cleaning professionals worldwide.

"Turno's mission is to solve cleaning for the vacation rental industry, and we are proud to be an Airbnb partner," said Assaf Karmon, CEO and Co-founder of Turno. "Our software tools and ever-growing marketplace of STR cleaning pros allow Airbnb Hosts to simplify and automate the entire turnover process, improve cleaning consistency, and verify that quality expectations are met for every clean." 

As an Airbnb Software Partner, Turno's direct connectivity provides users with an intuitive and efficient platform setup process. In addition, the fully integrated API delivers lightning-fast booking updates through instant webhooks, increased connection stability and reliability, and enhanced guest and reservation data.

"By decreasing cleaning hassles, Airbnb Hosts can enhance the guest experience, improve property reviews, and achieve higher average cleanliness scores on Airbnb," said Karmon. "While our business users definitely benefit from increased productivity and efficiency, the real beneficiaries of high-quality cleaning are the millions of happy, satisfied Airbnb guests worldwide." 

Turno's comprehensive SaaS platform and custom mobile apps deliver scalable, on-the-go tools to short-term rental operators and cleaning providers of all sizes. From single property owner hosts to management companies with geographically dispersed portfolios, Turno simplifies turnovers. Features such as auto-scheduling, in-app chat, auto payment, and quality assurance tools like checklists, photo sharing, and inventory management are all supported by Turno's 24/7 live customer support team.

About Turno

Turno's SaaS platform and Cleaner Marketplaces help vacation rental operators schedule, pay, and find cleaners. Features include auto-scheduling, auto payment, in-app chat, photo checklists, reporting tools, and other easy-to-use quality assurance solutions to simplify and automate recurring property services. Offering 24/7 live customer support and available in six languages, Turno syncs guest calendars from all major booking platforms and 20+ channel managers and property management systems. Turno's localized Cleaner Marketplaces include vetted STR service providers across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond. For more, visit www.turno.com.  

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