AccuSourceHR announces release of MVRSource – Continuous Driver License Monitoring

If more serious changes in a driver’s license status occur, they can take immediate action to protect their brand and further mitigate legal risk.”

— Dan Filby, CEO

PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2023/ — AccuSourceHR is proud to announce the release of MVRSource, a continuous driver monitoring service affording employers near real-time insight to driver motor vehicle records throughout the employment relationship. Changes in driver’s license status, pending charges and convictions are reported within days of the event occurring. MVRSource provides valuable data to make informed contracting and employment decisions to protect staff, other organizational assets including brand and reputation, and the public at large. Employers simply upload drivers into a monitoring pool upon hire or transfer to a position requiring operation of a personal automobile for business purposes and/or a company-owned vehicle. Once added to the company pool, employers are notified when a qualifying event occurs which may impact risk mitigation policy, insurability or result in the driver being unsuitable for a driving role.

Benefits of MVRSource include reduction in administrative tasks versus periodic motor vehicle records checks for employee and contractor driving populations; overall driver compliance cost savings as driving records are only obtained from state public safety and motor vehicle departments when a qualifying event occurs; and reduction in overall risk due to increased driver awareness their license activity is consistently monitored. “MVRSource empowers employers to gain awareness of less severe issues that can indicate increased risk so they can address immediately” states AccuSourceHR CEO, Dan Filby. “If more serious changes in a driver’s license status occur, they can take immediate action to protect their brand and further mitigate legal risk.”

AccuSourceHR, Inc. is a full-service employment screening organization headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Recognized as a PBSA-accredited, award-winning 20-year screening industry veteran, they are committed to continuously promoting a balance between affording innovative technology and providing comprehensive, consistent, US-based client care. This objective is reinforced by the belief every client is unique and deserves a customized program of quality background and drug screening solutions to meet their specific organizational goals. Their diverse, tenured team includes knowledgeable subject matter experts in key highly regulated and compliance-driven industries. AccuSourceHR strives to ensure every client views them as an extension of their organization’s human resources, safety, and risk mitigation teams.

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