Infinity-Edge Pools ~ J. Montgomery Designs, A Landscape Architecture Firm

Infinity-Edge Pools ~ J. Montgomery Designs, A Landscape Architecture Firm


— John Montgomery

ALAMO , CA, USA, July 24, 2023/ — A long-time favorite design feature would have to be the Infinity-edge Pool. With an elegance that borders on the impossible, these breathtaking pools are one amazing statement with infinite possibility. In math, zero and infinity are somewhat twin mysteries. The key to the Infinity-edge pool (and the reason it is sometimes called Zero-edge or Vanishing-edge) is the way the boundary wall that holds the water appears not to exist. Instead of meeting a visible boundary, the water actually flows over the pool’s edge into a catch-basin. It’s easy to see how the illusion of nothingness can create a sense of the limitless.

The absolute best application for this style is a site that overlooks a majestic view. With no visual border in between, the scenery far below becomes part of the experience. Incorporating this type of pool into a floating deck or patio as a visual feature that connects the site with the borrowed landscape of the view. The view is incredible and it does not even have to be seen from inside the water to feel the impact, though we have to say we would recommend taking a swim for the full effect!

There’s no reason an Infinity-edge pool can’t also be a reflection pool, and with its already surreal quality it is the perfect candidate. Reflection pools require only two things: still water and an interior surface, such as dark tile, that doesn’t distract from the surface of the water. Of course, it’s also nice to have something intentional that will reflect, and the positioning of the pool can help ensure this. Reflecting a hillside garden or vineyard creates a serene scene that is always a perfect welcome home view.

Perhaps the most remarkable effect of an Infinity-edge pool is in the mirror-like way it reflects the sky. While any still body of water holds a reflection, it is the limitless quality of the vanishing edge that almost makes the sky seem literally within reach. Clients say they witness stunning beauty all the time! The ability to create this kind of experience is the reason infinity-edge pools stay in demand. Designers set the scene, and nature puts on the show!

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