AviSight awarded FAA Waiver for Pipeline BVLOS Inspections with Iris Automation’s Casia X Onboard Detect and Avoid Soln

Casia X onboard DAA approval allows BVLOS flight without human visual observers

Casia X onboard AviSight's drone, detecting and avoiding piloted aircraft above the Shell Pipeline Company’s (SPLC), Falcon Pipeline

Casia X onboard AviSight’s drone, detecting and avoiding piloted aircraft above the Shell Pipeline Company’s (SPLC), Falcon Pipeline

Casia X - The AI-based detect and avoid system by Iris Automation

Casia X – The AI-based detect and avoid system by Iris Automation

AviSight, a provider of critical infrastructure inspections has secured a BVLOS waiver for the inspection of Shell Pipeline Company’s (SPLC), Falcon Pipeline.

Integrating Casia X is a game changer for us, truly unlocking the potential of safe, large-scale drone operations.””

— Suzanne Herring, CEO, AviSight

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, June 15, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — AviSight, a provider of critical infrastructure inspections utilizing Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems(RPAS) technology, has secured a waiver to part 107.31 for the inspection of Shell Pipeline Company’s (SPLC), Falcon Pipeline in southwestern Pennsylvania. The waiver was achieved with Iris Automation’s on-board Casia X detect and avoid (DAA) solution, enabling Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations without the use of visual observers.

The pipeline is approximately 97 miles long and right-of way surveillance is required bi-weekly of the right-of-way. Traditionally, the longer right-of-way patrols have been accomplished with manned aircraft, introducing an associated fatality risk. To mitigate the aviation risk, SPLC awarded the aerial patrol contract to the Remotely Piloted Aerial System (RPAS or “drones”) operator Avisight in 2020. Additionally, these RPAS patrols also leverage the latest developments in digitalization. The recent advances in image analytics and change detection requires higher definition imagery generally not available from the typical patrol aircraft.

Prior to the issuance of the BVLOS waiver, the remote pilot in command was mandated by regulation to always maintain a visual line of sight of the aircraft. As the project and regulation developed, human visual observers (VOs) were required to assist in clearing the area around the RPAS in flight. The requirements of operating aircraft RPAS within visual line of sight required multiple setups, launches and relocations creating a detriment to the possible economic efficiencies.

This waiver allows AviSight to operate hydrogen fuel cell powered and hybrid RPAS remotely, beyond visual line of sight, on behalf of Shell. The entire Falcon Pipeline can now be inspected without repetitive and unnecessary launch and landings. This waiver further provides for greater scalability throughout the Shell ecosystem and an acceleration in actionable data delivery to Shell personnel. All of which increase economic benefit to both the customer and the service provider.

Quote from Suzanne Herring, CEO, AviSight

“Our customers are typically looking at large-scale inspection sites, often across rugged, inaccessible geographies. Drones provide an ideal solution, but until now, have been severely limited by line of sight or visual observer requirements. This waiver is a significant breakthrough, not just for our client but also for how we will proceed in the design of our inspection operations. Integrating Casia X is a game changer for us in this regard, truly unlocking the potential of safe, large-scale drone operations.”

Iris Automation’s Casia X product comprises machine vision cameras, a graphical processing unit, and proprietary AI software. Casia X is installed onboard drones, identifying airborne objects and automatically avoiding collisions, detecting both ADS-B (cooperative) and non-ADS-B (non-cooperative) aircraft. Casia offers a superior level of observation as compared to humans – it does not get distracted, or require breaks, monitoring airspace 360 degrees around the aircraft multiple times per second.

Quote from Jon Damush, CEO, Iris Automation

“The economic value of drones lies in their ability to perform high frequency operations safely and cheaply. Requiring multiple humans for a single drone flight erodes that economic value, as is the case with any drone operation that requires the use of visual observers. Casia reduces the human requirement while improving safety. We are proud to be able to support pioneering efforts to satisfy their inspection requirements with aerial robotic inspection systems.”

Iris Automation’s Casia offerings include Casia X for airborne solutions and Casia G ground-based air surveillance system, which creates a volume of monitored airspace for safe operation.

About AviSight

AviSight provides industrial inspections of critical infrastructure and advanced data solutions for regulatory compliance, asset management, and predictive maintenance. We work with fortune one hundred partners in all verticals of critical infrastructure including Power, Gas, Oil, Telecom, and Transportation. Our mission is to create a generational paradigm shift in data collection and actionability that increases safety exponentially while achieving significant cost savings for our clients. We have been working with our partners and customers on legislative activity and regulatory expansion to ensure the ability to create BVLOS programs that will help take inspections into the 21st century. www.avisight.com

About Iris Automation

Iris Automation is dedicated to creating an aviation environment where no two aircraft ever collide in mid-air. We leverage innovative AI-based vision technology that enables uncrewed and crewed aircraft to mitigate the risk of airborne collisions – vital for safe, scalable, and efficient operations across countless industries. Iris’ onboard and ground-based Casia systems give operators the situational awareness and automation needed to safely navigate an increasingly complex and congested airspace. We work closely with civil aviation authorities globally as they implement regulatory frameworks to advance safety and efficiency in aviation. www.irisonboard.com



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