Landing Height Announcer Invention for Small Planes Improves Safety

Landing Height Announcer Invention for Small Planes Improves Safety

SYRACUSE, NY, USA, June 15, 2023/ — Unfortunately, small plane crashes happen too frequently. As stated in FAA research, more accidents occur during takeoff and landing (about 50%) than any other phase of the flight. One reason for these crashes is pilots having difficulty determining accurate depth, which is the height above the ground. When landing, determining if the plane is 50 ft., 10 ft., or 5 ft. above the ground is challenging. Most private pilots do not have enough logged hours to measure this height with their eyes on a visual basis.

Holy Micro! LLC tried to solve this issue. They experimented with multiple laser technologies, proximity devices, and means of powering devices independent of the aircraft power without initial success. The company contacted the FAA office directly in 2020 and told them about their ideas. The agency steered the company in the right direction, and encourages new inventions that make small plane aviation safer. Through this partnership, the idea of using the power from the aircraft and connecting directly to the audio input emerged. This eliminated 50% of the challenge the company faced.

Finally, after testing multiple lasers, Holy Micro! developed the device that met the FAA requirements, and has enough range and accuracy to use in aviation. The company built the necessary hardware along with the software, which works on all portable devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android phones. Frank Kunnumpurth, a private pilot with instrument rating, who founded Holy Micro!, initially tested the product, named LHA-100-A, and stated, “It is unbelievable what a difference it makes, especially at night”.

Frank added, “The device is affordable, essential, and easy-to-install. Unlike commercial jets with two or more pilots in the cockpit, most small planes are flown by a single pilot. Having the Landing Height Announcer is like having a co-pilot with a set of bird’s eyes with accurate depth perception at landing, Frank also flew with his instructor, Bob Grandinetti. As they flew from Florida to Syracuse, NY in a Cardinal RG installed with the LHA-100-A, Bob said “This thing really works and it helps. You did not scare me during landing like you used to as a student.”

The LHA-100-A announces the height above the landing surface through the pilot’s headset when reaching a specific height above the ground in feet. It announces 200, 100, 70, 50, 20, 10, 5, 2 and 1, making the landing much safer and easier, similar to a $25,000 radar altimeter in large passenger jets and used by commercial pilots every day. As one of the FAA staff stated, “Your product is a poor man’s radar altimeter”. The LHA-100-A sells for under $1,000.

Holy Micro! just received approval from the FAA to manufacture and sell the LHA-100-A – Landing Height Announcer to certified aircrafts. When Frank thanked the FAA officer for the approval, he responded “No thanks required Frank – just sell a tons of these, that makes things safer!!!“ Frank said he was humbled and delighted with this response. Pilots can also make use of other advanced product functions, such as connecting to GPS for higher altitude callouts, or connecting to the landing gear switch or light to get continuous announcements to put the landing gear down while coming to land. About 400 gear-up landings accidents, also known as belly to concrete, occur every year.

About the Inventor

Frank Kunnumpurth, is not new to inventions and problem-solving. In the 1990s, he revolutionized how doctors manage medical documentation. He was a pioneer in digital medical dictation and online transcription. At the peak of his business in 2005, his business handled documentation for over 2,500 doctors nationwide. He built one of the earliest electronic medical records with Lotus Notes in 1998 allowing doctors to pull up patient records online for review.

His inventions also extend to personal interests including raising birds. His patented Peck-O-Matic Demand Bird Feeder kit and live bird shipping box approved by USPS called Feather-Ex are his other inventions. Born and raised in Kerala, India, Frank immigrated to the U.S. and studied finance and accounting at Rutgers University in New Jersey. He worked as a CPA and stock option analyst prior to starting his first business EasyTax to prepare tax returns online during the early 1990s.

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