Identité® Named Top 10 IAM Solution Provider by Enterprise Security Magazine

Top 10 IAM Solution Provider

Passwordless Multi-Factor Authentication

We believe authentication should be simple, secure and without passwords.

Simple and Secure Authentication for Everyone

Full Duplex Authentication® Becomes Key Defense Against Workforce Phishing Attacks

Identité takes authentication one step further and secures the digital token with our patented Full Duplex Authentication® process.”

— John Hertrich, CEO of Identité

ELBERT, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2024 / — Identité®, a company founded by a team of security and enterprise software veterans who believe that authentication should be simple and secure for all users – without passwords has been named a Top 10 Identity and Access Management tool in Enterprise Security Magazine.

Identité’s PasswordFree MFA solution is powered by NoPass, which is short for “no passwords”. While passwordless authentication solutions are not new and have been helping reduce phishing attacks, many are still vulnerable to common social engineering attacks. PasswordFree MFA can easily employ all three types of authentication – something a user knows, something a user has, and something a user is. What makes Identité’s PasswordFree MFA unique is its patented Full Duplex Authentication®, which protects users from all forms of phishing, roque proxy, browser-in-browser, and other impersonation attacks.

“We make sure that PasswordFree MFA for any online user is as easy as a look, click, or tap”, says John Hertrich, CEO of Identité. “While most MFA solutions address the ‘something you have’ with a digital token stored on a personal device, Identité takes authentication one step further and secures the digital token with our patented Full Duplex Authentication® process. This adds phishing resistance by not only authenticating the user to the authenticating service but it requires the authenticating service to authenticate to the user before releasing the digital token. This also eliminates bots and negates the need for those annoying CAPTCHA dialogues,” explains Hertrich.

In the workforce and for eCommerce, user adoption is always a concern with clients. Identité helps them address this by allowing users to make the change with the least amount of friction. It could be by simply adding PasswordFree MFA as an option to start and then, over time, splash the user with good reasons to make the change. Another approach that the company uses is to start with places where there is a high rate of password-related friction.

The security is enhanced by the patented Full Duplex Authentication®, which not only authenticates a user’s digital token but also requires the server to authenticate to a user before exposing the user’s token. This prevents the compromise of passwords from phishing, impersonation, and “Man-in-the-Middle” attacks.

The key features of Identité’s PasswordFree MFA for Workforce and Customers are:

– Easy setup and registration

– PasswordFree MFA with a biometric in less than a second

– Phishing resistant with patented Full Duplex Authentication

– Authenticators on iOS, Android, Windows or MacOS

Visit Identité’s website to learn how to improve authentication with just a click, a tap, and a look for passwordless, three-factor authentication. Identité also offers code-free plugins and apps for web developers on the BigCommerce and WordPress platforms. The service is free to use with options for premium support and advanced features available with a paid subscription.

About Identité

Identité is a security company specializing in passwordless multi-factor authentication and offers the most simple and secure method to eliminate passwords for employees and online customers. The NoPass family of products is available as on-premise and SaaS offerings and is designed to help all types of enterprises finally get rid of passwords.

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