The Osmolality Lab Expands Personal Lubricant Certification

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Jan 23, 2024 12:00 MST

The addition of the “Better For You” tier further supports World Health Organization recommendations.

The Osmolality Lab has announced an additional tier to their THE OSMOLab CERTIFIEDSM personal lubricant certification. This new tier of certification, THE OSMOLab CERTIFIEDSM Better For You, allows for personal lubricants that align with ideal osmolality recommendations from the World Health Organization to stand out on the shelves for consumers. The additional tier was introduced to help further align the certification program’s values and criteria with published research

The World Health Organization recommends lubricants should have a low osmolality to minimize vaginal and epithelial damage and reduce the risk of infection. Due to limits in sourcing, an interim recommendation was put forth that states lubricants should have an osmolality less than 1200 mOsm/kg, but clarified an ideal osmolality recommendation of less than 380 mOsm/kg. The Osmolality Lab has revised its criteria for personal lubricant certifications to reflect these recommendations. Moving forward, products that meet the interim recommendation (380-1200 mOsm/kg) can be awarded the standard THE OSMOLab CERTIFIEDSM badging. Products that meet the ideal recommendation from the World Health Organization (<380 mOsm/kg) can be awarded the new THE OSMOLab CERTIFIEDSM Better For You badge.

“The launch of this new tier signifies a new era in intimate well-being,” explains CEO of The Osmolality Lab Nick Gillitt, Ph.D. “This new tier underscores our unwavering commitment to scientific rigor and our goal of empowering consumers with information to make informed choices about their intimate health products.”

The Osmolality Lab, the global leader in osmolality product testing, was founded in 2018 with the mission “to improve health and safety for all consumers by providing unique services to partners driven to create excellence in their category”. Their team tests and certifies in a variety of industries such as hydration beverages, functional beverages, spring waters, and personal lubricants, skin care, and more to help clients and consumers learn more about how the product performs so they can purchase with confidence. Products that meet The Osmolality Lab’s strict testing and evaluation criteria can also be awarded THE OSMOLab CERTIFIEDSM mark to help communicate the commitment to transparency and product quality to consumers.

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Source: The Osmolality Lab

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