Empowering Mental Health Advocacy for Black Men: “Brutha: The Faces of Inspiration” Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Brutha: The Faces of Inspiration Book Cover

During Mental Health Month, Durell Morgan’s photography project aims to raise awareness about mental health and inspire black men to pursue their dreams.

I am a HUMAN before I identify with anything else, which gives me every right to explore my emotions, my trauma, and my healing”

— Durell Morgan

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, May 1, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Brutha: The Faces of Inspiration,” a groundbreaking photography project created by Durell Morgan, is proud to announce the launch of its 30-day crowdfunding campaign during Mental Health Month. With a mission to raise awareness about mental health and inspire black men to pursue their dreams, this campaign seeks to raise $65,000 to support the publication of a compelling photography book and associated outreach efforts.

The project, initiated by Durell Morgan after the tragic loss of his partner Terrell Matthews to suicide in 2013, aims to challenge stigma and foster dialogue around mental health within the African American community. Through captivating photography and compelling narratives, “Brutha: The Faces of Inspiration” showcases successful black men within various career fields, highlighting their stories of resilience, struggle, and triumph.

“Brutha: The Faces of Inspiration offers a multifaceted exploration of mental health awareness,” said Durell Morgan, creator of the project. “By using photography to inspire change and empower individuals to seek support without fear of judgment, we aim to create a more compassionate and inclusive society for all.”

The statistics speak volumes about the urgency of this mission. From 2018 to 2021, the suicide rate among Black individuals aged 10-24 increased by 37%, making it the third leading cause of death for black or African American individuals in this age group. The need for mental health advocacy and support within the community has never been greater.

The crowdfunding campaign will offer various investor packages, providing backers with exclusive perks such as signed copies of the book, invitations to special events, and acknowledgment in project credits. By rallying support from African American men aged 18-45, mental health advocates, photography enthusiasts, and supporters of diverse narratives, the project aims to effect positive change and promote a culture of compassion and support.

“I am a HUMAN before I identify with anything else, which gives me every right to explore my emotions, my trauma, and my healing,” said Durell Morgan, reflecting on his personal journey and the inspiration behind “Brutha: The Faces of Inspiration.”

About Durell Morgan:

Durell Morgan is a photographer, makeup artist, and mental health advocate based in Atlanta, Georgia. His creative journey began as a self-taught photographer, and he has since gained recognition for his work in various publications. Durell’s personal experience with mental health challenges has driven him to become a vocal advocate, sharing his story and supporting others through his work as a Behavioral Tech and mental health first aider.

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